US Tax Dollars fund Afghan Sex Slavery

Contributed by RedNickD

As if the War on Terror in Afghanistan could not get any worse, it has now been revealed by WikiLeaks cables that US taxpayer money has been used to fund child prostitution.

The cables show a conversation between US Assistant Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli and Afghan Minister of Interior Hanif Atmar. The two talked about two police officers having been arrested as part of an investigation into US contractor DynCorp’s involvement in child prostitution.

The cables also clearly stated that this incident was to be covered up and any media reporting on it to be silenced.

It was reported that DynCorp threw a party for Afghan security recruits that involved trafficked children as sexual entertainment. Bacha bazi, as it is called, is the traditional Afghan “boy play” in which small boys are forced to dress as girls, dance for older men, and are then pimped (sold) for sex to the highest bidder.

These disgusting acts of child molestation are funded by American tax dollars via DynCorp, a mercenary firm which gets 95% of its budget from American tax dollars.

Afghan Minister of Interior Hanif Atmar has fought vigorously to keep this a secret. When he found out that journalists were investigating DynCorp’s involvement in the forced sex trade of young boys in Afghanistan, he requested that the US suppress the story. Claiming that publishing this would endanger lives, Atmar has put the lives and health of children at risk.

This is not the first time DynCorp and American tax dollars have been linked to human trafficking. In Bosnia in 1999, it was revealed that DynCorp’s staffers were pimping out Eastern European girls as young as 12 years old.

Despite it’s claim of having no involvement, the Washington Post reported, “DynCorp fired four senior managers in Afghanistan over the party and other incidents.”