Class War New Fear of Chinese Elite

In life it is funny how sometimes situations can come full circle. How the past can repeat itself so openly as if to give people a slap in the face as a wake up call. In separate online surveys by People’s Daily, it was shown that the growing gap between the right and poor was the most important issue facing the nation.

Despite the astronomical economic growth of China since the restoration of capitalism, the working class of China has not seen any increase in their living standards. In fact, the vast majority has seen a drop with the single act of abolishing Universal health care. Despite the creation of billionaires, poverty has grown ever since the revisionism began and socialism was being torn from the people’s hands.

China’s gini coefficient, their system that measures inequality, is currently at 0.47. On the scale .5 is the point where they consider there to be a risk of social instability. In 2009, the richest 10 per cent of Chinese controlled 45 per cent of the wealth, while the poorest 10 per cent has just 1.4 per cent.

Don’t buy into this garbage about China not be capitalist. Capitalism in China is no different than in the rest of the world. The power exercised by those with the wealth over those without is exactly the same. Freedom only exists for those have the money which buys them the privileged. They get the best schools, the best jobs and the best lives out of financial connections not hard work and ingenuity as free market fundamentalists always claim.

This is Dai Zhiyong writing for the Southern Weekend newspaper:

“In education, recruitment, employment and various other sectors, the pattern of power-retention by the powerful is solidifying, yet the rights of the lower classes often suffer encroachment. The hardening of the hierarchy is right before our eyes. The channel of upward mobility for the lower classes is narrowing by the day.”

Did you know the rich have a joke they use for making fun of the fact they have such power over the poor? They have a little saying they use to throw in people’s faces that they have all the power: “My father is Li Gang”

A poor farm girl Chen Xiaofeng was rollerskating at Hebei University when she and another was struck by a speeding Volkswagen. Security personnel from the university grabbed the driver as he attempted to run away. when he refused to get out of the car he said, “Sue me if you dare, my father is Li Gang!”

The driver was the son of the district’s deputy police chief. Alarmed by the possibility of bad press the fake Communist Party officials tried to cover up the incident and pressures the state media not to report it. It didn’t work, people on the internet still got the story out.

When the rich commit a crime against the poor, they just say, “My father is Li Gang”.

Often China’s “On Child Policy” was highly distorted by the bourgeois media into this insane population control law. This could be nothing of the sort, people were encouraged to have only one child, not forced into having only one child. It was never illegal to have more than one child. This was a straight lie out of ruling class media. Just as the accusation of people drowning babies because they were born girls and not boys. To this day I have yet to see or hear of a single incident of this. Thus far there hasn’t been a single reported case of this actually happening. But there have been hundreds if not thousands of articles written on it. It never ceases to amaze me what Western readers will believe when given no evidence. Weapons of Mass destruction anyone?

Capitalist China has its own policy on preventing over population, simply impoverish people to the point where they fear their children living in poverty. there are people who call themselves the “poor second generation” who don’t want their children to live as poorly as they do so they refuse to have children. Think about that, life has gotten so bad under capitalism that they are unwilling to have children. Make up all the lies you want about Communist China, no one felt so hopeless that they gave up on continuing life.

The Chinese people already know the solution to the problems they face. They know it is only a return to socialism and Maoism that will solve the hardships they face. If this wasn’t true, then why did 3,000 workers at a single steel plant go on strike against privatization when they government tried to sell off the facility? Because they had already seen nationwide what happens when they do. Their wages drop down to a near nothing, their hours almost double and their living standards disappear.

The people of China have in the past engaged in the largest act of class warfare and won. They did it once before and they can do it again. All they need is a single incident to set it off.

“A single spark can start a prairie fire.”
– Mao Tse-tung, January 5, 1930

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  1. With the protests spreading across Europe, it’s only a matter of time before they reach China and the rest of Asia. These are exciting times, are they not? But I can’t help but recall the words of Franz Kafka: “Every revolution eventually evaporates leaving behind the slime of bureaucracy.”

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  2. I know living standards are lower, just read about some of these awful conditions. However, where does the corporate media and even the UN get the stats of X number of people being pulled out of poverty? Are they just dividing GDP/population?

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