Chinese Capitalism using Slaves Revealed

A new disgusting low for the inhumanity that is capitalism has been revealed. A building materials factory in China purchased 11 workers and at least 8 of them were mentally disabled. These people were forced to work without pay according to Chinese state media reports.

According to the state media sources a man named Zeng Lingquan in southwest Sichuan province was placed under arrest for the selling them to the Jiaersi Green Construction Material Chemical Factory.

Government officials said that the workers were imprisoned within the factory living in horrible conditions working without pay for three years. They were given no protective gear and feed the same food as the factory leader’s dogs.

There have been previous cases of mentally ill people being used as slave labour before.

Police in Anhui province arrested 10 men for making slaves out of more than 30 mentally handicapped people that were forced to work at brick kilns. Hundreds of brick kiln slaves, the majority of whom were handicapped, were freed in raids by police in 2007.

This incident shows the stark reality of capitalism that is far from the perfect market exchanges that we are presented with in the media. The profit motive is not this amoral facet of capitalism as it is promoted in marginal utility theory. This is the true face of greed and selfishness, this is the idea that some have more value and “deserve” more than others.