Washington admits Cubans Like Communism

(from PLSWeb.org)

After decades of failed attempts to overthrow the socialist government of Cuba, the U.S. government has secretly concluded that domestic counterrevolutionaries have proven to be totally ineffective. A leaked diplomatic cable from the U.S. Interests Section in Havana states:

“We see very little evidence that the mainline dissident organizations have much resonance among ordinary Cubans.”

For over 50 years, Washington has funded and organized invasions, assassination attempts and terrorist attacks against Cuba with the assistance of reactionary forces inside the country and abroad. Nothing has been able to overthrow the revolutionary government.

Now, even Washington must admit that right-wing forces are “not likely to supplant the Cuban government,” and that simply “seeking resources” (i.e., U.S. taxpayer dollars) has become their “primary concern.”

The Cuban revolution has been able to survive because of the heroic efforts of the Cuban people. Using methods of socialist planning and distribution, health care, education, housing, employment and a variety of other essentials are guaranteed to everyone. The people of Cuba have endured tremendous hardships to defend their revolution, and it has become undeniably clear that they will not be fooled by domestic counterrevolutionary groups.