Conservatives Getting Government Handouts

Contributed by RedNickD

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a Republican from Minnesota, is now in the spotlight for taking over a quarter of a million dollars in taxpayer money for her own use.

According to the Environmental Working Group, a watchdog group that monitors who receives government farm subsidies, has found that the Bachmann family farm took $251,973 in government money from 1995 to 2006. The Bachmann family took $20,000 dollars of your money in 2006 and $28,000 in 2005.

This is ironic, as Bachmann has voted against letting regular people get the same financial protection her farm received from the government. She voted against every foreclosure relief bill aimed at helping homeowners, but she was elected to represent a district with the highest foreclosure rate in Minnesota.

Then there is Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley, another anti-socialist warrior, whose family has received $1 million in government farm subsidy money (“handouts”). Grassley himself took $238,974 of that money. His child used even more of it, but of course Grassley is against spending government money to help your children get health care and a good education.

Even the capitalist Heritage Foundation criticized Grassley on his pocketing of taxpayer dollars.

Senator Sam Brownback, a Republican form Kansas, has taken $500,000 in government money.

Max Baucus, a fiscally conservative Democrat representing Montana, took $250,000 in government farm subsidies. At the same time, he fights to keep regular people at the mercy of the market mechanisms that subsidies protect his farm against. Another one of these Blue Dog Democrats, Blanche Lincoln, recieved $715,000 of your money over a ten year period. She spent $10,000 of it for fun in 2007. $844,725 was collected by the father of Stephanie Sandlin, another Blue Dog Democrat.

The members of Congress, these so-called anti-spending, anti-handout, anti-socialist warriors, are the true “welfare queens.” When they take your tax dollars for their large farms and, at the same time, try to stop government “handouts” to the poor and falling middle class, they are only trying to secure more money for themselves and their corporate bosses by taking money from the ordinary people.

In the Paris Commune, of which Marx drew much of his theory, and under Lenin in the Soviet Union, government representatives were paid only as much as a skilled worker and no more. That is one way to prevent politicians from robbing the people.