Israel Moving to Apartheid State

Israel has once again exposed its genocidal nature towards the Arab community in Palestine. Israel is pushing through a new private members’ bill that would give the legal power to discriminate against Arab citizens from obtaining housing in Israel.

Human rights groups and commentators have already noticed and commented that this new private members bill is a copy of the Group Areas Act which South Africa used to build the apartheid state.

It was in October that the Israeli parliament moved to make this discrimination legal. It will cover almost 70 percent of all the communities in Israel. The bill is expected to pass its final reading in the coming weeks.

Suhad Bishara a lawyer with the Adalah legal centre for the Arab minority, said:

“This legislation makes clear in very blunt fashion that the thrust of policy in Israel is towards maintaining segregation in housing between Jewish and Arab citizens.”

This new revelation blows apart the right wing lie that Israel is trying to live peacefully with Palestinians. The invasion of Palestine was a massive human rights violation intended on wiping out a race of people. Ever since then Israel has promoted the image that they want a two state solution. Its been clear to many that it is a lie and it has always been a genocidal policy.