Cuba Commutes Death Sentence, Zero People on Death Row

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On Tuesday the Cuban Supreme Court commuted the death sentence of Humberto Eladio Real to 30 years in prison. Real was the last person on death row in Cuba.

Real was convicted of killing a man in a 1994 terrorist attack against Cuba. Real and six others illegally entered northern Cuba with assault rifles and killed a man. They were captured shortly afterword. The terrorists had intended to carry out acts of sabotage and destruction in order to destabilize the Cuban government.

Real was sentenced to death and his men were given long prison sentences.

The Cuban constitution allows for the death penalty, but they have been postponing death sentences for years now.

Earlier this month the Cuban government commuted the death sentences of two captured terrorists from El Salvador who had played a role in bombing Cuban tourist sites in the 1990’s. They were given 30 year prison sentences.

As of 2009, the United States has 3,261 people on death row. As of December 2010, due to the commuting of Humberto Eladio Real’s sentence, Cuba has zero people on death row. While anti-communists and the so-called “victims” of the Castro regime try to portray Cuba and communism as brutal dictatorships, the Cuban regime has shown mercy by not killing those who would destroy it. This speaks volumes against the imperialist, anti-Cuba propaganda.

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