Moving Past Modern Materialism

I’d like to open a discussion to my subscribers or anyone in general who is interested in wanting to discuss this topic.

I’d like to ask the question as to how we move the culture away from such rampant materialism. This is a difficult question in my opinion because, not only does it go in direct conflict with the prevailing mode of society, but it also goes against the prevailing mode of economics. How do we combat the materialism in society?

I am not asking about after the revolution where we can just throw people like Donald Trump and Hannah Montana off television and dump the oh so sickening celebrity culture. I am asking, how do we promote a non-material way of living before the revolution? It is easy to do so once we obtain control of the state and media.

How do we win people over to the anti-materialist argument? How do we promote the idea that processing trees into paper for textbooks for the third world is better than making them into hustler magazines?

Overcoming the allure of new and exciting products is quite difficult. The thrill of amassing so many unnecessary commodities is a very mesmerizing prospect. How do we break the attraction to such petty material things? This is the question I am posing to you my audience.

I encourage everyone to leave a comment or post a video response giving me your ideas on this subject. After a few days I will collect the comments from this video and discuss them further.

So get thinking and then tell me what you think about breaking the choke hold of materialism before the revolution.