Capitalism Causing 925 Million to be Hungry

The 2010 UN Food and Agricultural Organization report has come out. According to the report 925 million in the world suffered from hunger. This is a dramatic increase of 150 million people since 1997. Right now one third of all children in the developing world are malnourished.

This is the reality of capitalism, since the end of Communism in Europe, the amount of hungry increased. Weren’t we told that hunger was going to go down with the end of the Eastern Block? After all they constantly said how Communism was depriving people of living standards and creating hunger.

This is proof that it was all a lie. This is absolute proof that the claim communism didn’t provide for human life was a lie. The end of communism in Europe caused 150 million people to become hungry. Capitalism and market forces are absolutely incapable of solving the problems of hunger and ending the murderous inequality that exists.

Right now the cost of stable foods has increased a drastic 26 percent this year. According to the Food Price Index by the United Nations, it has gone almost as high as the food crisis in 2008.

As if this failure to provide for human life wasn’t bad enough. It is being made worse by capitalism. It is the cheap credit policies of governments, particularly the “quantitative easing” put forth by the United States. This was intended to increase stock market prices and credit for corporations, not provide for human life.

The main damage is being done by the “quantitative easing”. The US dollar is the world’s trading and reserve currency, which means the US is deliberately causing an inflation of hot money emerging economies with high interest rates. The result is an inflation in the price of food making it more difficult for the people of the world to afford it.

Weather patterns have also caused a shortage of food this year as well. Drought in the Black Sea area of Russia and extreme heat in Argentina and other Latin American nations have caused shortages. However the denial of Global Warming continues. The result of shortages is to ban exporting crops leading to shortages in other countries that would normally import them.

All of this is caused by the production of food for profit, not for human need. The super profits of speculators are directly destroying the changes for the survival of human life. Hundreds of millions are suffering, and more will suffer in the future all for the profit of a few. And they will be happy to remind us how virtuous their selfishness is.