On The Egyptian Revolution

The situation in Egypt seems to escalate every single day. As military vehicles patrol through the street, and the people of Egypt push back to defend their rights, there’s much to think about. The working class is clearly striking against the ruling elite with unprecedented force. Hardly has it ever been so obvious that a movement was class-based.

The government has used all means of repression available to them. The internet has been shut down to the degree that even President Hosani Mubarak’s office cannot get online. A curfew has been enforced on the city, although this tactic has hardly been effective. The president has even gotten together counter-protesters to occupy bridges and throw Molotov’s at the people’s.

This far all of these tactics have failed. The people of Egypt have simply had enough, they’re mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore. The military can’t suppress this expression of freedom; and there is no way that puppet of US interests, Mubarak, can survive this expression of freedom.

In the midst of spreading revolution throughout the Arab world we must keep in mind the forces of reaction are always working against the people. The propagandists in the US and elsewhere are already twisting the truth for the benefit of the elite. US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have already called for non-violence as a means of protecting their interest in the country. They’ve even gone so far as to deny Mubarak is a dictator.

On the other side of the spectrum is fear mongering insanity of Glenn Beck and his propaganda broadcasters at Fox News. According to the nut job himself, apparently this spontaneous expression of mass freedom is the work of Islamic fundamentalists. The reason for the mass uprisings is the work of the international Islamic conspiracy who is out to impose Sharia Law on the Western world. Hardly anything is more predictable

This propaganda from the right and the phony left of the Democrats is all in defense of the ruling elite and their interests. A typical line is the pointing to collapsed stocks in US oil companies with fear mongering over the government possibly seizing land. According to them the specter of communism haunts the Arab world!

However one must never forget the Suez Canal, it has almost as much importance as the South China Sea when it comes to trade.

But possibly most important of all is the political stability of US interests. Egypt has long been a reliable client state in the region from which the US can extend influence in the region. They are also a key ally to keep under control when it comes to the situation between Israel and Palestine. The occupation of Israel will lose all support from neighboring states if this continues. The US may lose all power in the region.

The greatness of this revolution is its genuine proletarian roots. This revolution is not brought about by a US owned media outlet and backed by American tax payer dollars dollars like the phony “Green Revolution” that took hold of Iran. The pro-business interest in Iran also gave all their support and funding to the substanceless movement. The “paper tiger” of so-called mass movements.

US imperialism does not have its hands in this revolution. This spontaneous outburst of class warfare has business interests worried. Even the Egyptian stock market has been offline because of the internet shut down. The language of the Obama administration is very telling. Originally they called for the protesters to stop, painting them as trouble makers. They backed Mubarak saying he wasn’t a dictator, but however called for social changes in the country. Now they are speechless at the events unfolding preferring to call for peace instead of change. Their faith in Mubarak is shattered as a puppet, for he has failed to maintain control for their interests.

I have faith that this revolution has a definite socialist character to it. Even the New York Times has noticed how the gap between the rich and the poor have has increased tremendously. It also noticed how people have become angry and protested at the privatization of state enterprises, many of them vital to the functioning of society.

An important thing to remember is that this will get worse before it gets better. Five people have already been killed with almost a thousand injured, and it is also certain to get worse. As much as people may say how horrible this violence is, we mush remember as Mao said, “Revolution is not a dinner party.” By necessity these situations are violent. If violence is the only means by which freedom can be achieved, than the blood is on the hands of the tyrants. Freedom is like life, it cannot be controlled.

All we can do is sit back and watch events unfold. What we can also do is let the people of Egypt know that they have our moral support and that we wish them the freedom they deserve as human beings.

The Egyptian Revolution should serve as a beacon of hope to all those in the world who have had enough of this oppression! Revolution can and should happen.

Fom KasamaProject.org