Mubarak Gone: The New Enemy Emerges

As you are aware by now, pro-US Egyptian dictator Hosani Mubarak has relinquished power under pressure from the Egyptian people. An important step towards the liberation of the Egyptian people. Not only that but it is an important step towards the liberation of the Middle East from American imperialism.

Millions of working class and poor in Egypt have stood up and proclaimed freedom to be their right, a right they have taken. The implications of this even is staggering. Already the capitalist elite in China are afraid of such an event spreading to the Asian giant. The word Egypt have been banned from social media, a common replacement is “Pyramid”.

While expressions of freedom are now rampant, unfortunately the powers of fascism and imperialism have not stepped down. The conspiring against the masses in Egypt continues guided by the hands of the elite in the US. If they have their way, there will be no new world for the Egyptian people.

The Egyptian military is in power now and has promised a peaceful transition to a civilian government of the people’s choice. The fact that the elite in the media have hailed this as truth should be the first sign that the military has no such intention.

The military has no intention of allowing the people to live in a democratic state. With US president Barack Obama backing the military rule of Egypt, one is forced to remember how most of the top military leaders were trained in US military schools. The military in Egypt will only defend the interests of the US government.

WikiLeaks has given us a wealth of information with regards to what the Egyptian military rulers are planning to do in the next six months. First they are not going to shut down Mubarak’s NDP political party. Then the military will write a new constitution without consulting the people, or at least only giving lip service.

The people will gain next to nothing. The social conditions that lead millions of working class people to protest will not be addressed. In fact this six month delay is only intended to allow the Egyptian people to cool off. This time is intended to give the process a democratic cover.

At this time the military and its leader are suppressing and breaking up strikes by workers in support of the revolution. Could there be a more clear indication the the military does not support the people?

Ask the question, who is in charge of Egypt now exactly? Well, his name is Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi. Who is he? Well a March 2008 WikiLeaks cable show him to be a man firmly committed to the interests of the US elite and Israeli elite.

This clearly shows that the military and its leader have no intention of backing or representing the people’s interest in the transition period. It is clearly necessary for the people to form organizations outside the control of the bourgeoisie and the military. Fortunately, one such group has emerged. The Egyptian Youth Movement in the revolution have declared that they will be forming their own political party.

On Monday, a Gigi Ibrahim speaking for Egyptian Youth Movement on Al Jazeera English all but admitted that the Movement does not trust the military.

What Egypt needs is to have is more independent organizations that are not under the domain of the bourgeoisie. Many have refused to stop protesting and have refused to return home until the demands of the people are met. this is what the people need to do in order ensure their freedom and democracy.

The people of Egypt can gain no freedom by following the organizations owned by the ruling class. They need a people’s socialist alternative to the political parties and puppets that dominate the political arena in Egypt now.