Iraq, the Ignored Revolution

As revolution sweeps across the Middle East, more and more countries are beginning to challenge their illegitimate leaders. As Western coverage of the events becomes more and more intensified, one particular nation seems to have been forgotten about. It seems the main stream media is ignoring Iraq. They too are having it out with their illegitimate leader.

If you were politically naive you would wonder why the media is ignoring it. I mean there are thousands of US troops there. So wouldn’t you think the American people would like to know a country they are occupying is going through a possible revolution? I think the answer to that question is kind of obvious.

As all the petty dictators like Mummar Gaddafi are getting tossed out, and US puppets Hosani Mubarak are getting tossed out, so might the puppet running Iraq in US interests. But this might be a little sensitive, after all the American public spent a lot of money getting this guy in. That, and a hell of a lot of US soldiers died getting him in as well.

Apparently people don’t want to hear bad news about the Iraq war any more. I mean the coverage of it has virtually disappeared since the election of Barack Obama. The US military “liberated” that country so everything is fine now, there’s no need for a revolution there right?

Unless they want freedom, or self-determination…

On Wednesday the 25th, the hordes of the Iraqi masses took to the streets to make demands of the US puppet government. Unfortunately this movement against an imperialist government was ignored by the US media.

The US media ignored the Iraqi security forces murdering its own people in the name of patriotism and “just following orders”. The American people were spared the images of their tax dollars being used to murder innocent people defending their democratic rights… Again. The result is 15 protestors killed and 130 wounded.

The protesters took to the streets forcefully but peacefully demanding the removal of useless politicians. Police and soldiers attempted to halt all activities by containing the area and blocking all vehicle traffic. Despite all this protesters still made it to the Green Zone where the US embassy is, as well as the Iraq parliament.

Protestors even forced their way through two concrete barriers preventing them from crossing the Jumhuriya Bridge.

Elites in the nation resorted to their usual claims of terrorism, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki asked people not to protest because terrorist, presumably Al-Qaeda would infiltrate the crowds to cause harm to the government. This proved to be nothing more than pure propaganda as not a single suicide bomber attack occurred.

The people took the streets demanding an end to the wide spread joblessness that is plaguing the country. The lack of available work is driving some citizens to crime in order to just barely make ends meet. This is an inevitable symptom of a failed formal economy; in desperation people turn to the informal economy in order to make a living.

It what may be the biggest insult to the Iraqi people, they’re protesting for an end to the constant energy shortages. Rolling black outs are still widespread even all these years after the initial invasion. This was one of the promises made early on after the main offensive was over. George W. Bush made the pledged that Halliburton owned companies’ first priority was to restore the power. Its rather ironic that the country with the world’s second largest oil reserve cannot manage to keep electricity on in the nation.

But then again, these oil fields are mostly in the hands of Western oil companies.

An encouraging sign for me in all of this, is the religious unity that is being displayed in the protests. Protests came from the Kurdish-majority north, to the majority-Shiite Arab south, and everywhere in between. No violence was was committed by one group to another. This is a sign that the people united can create a force greater than religious dogma.

In a strange turn of events Moktada al-Sadr the known radical cleric made statements against the protests claiming it would be used against the people:

“They are attempting to crack down on everything you have achieved, all the democratic gains, the free elections, the peaceful exchanges of power and freedom. So I call on you, from a place of compassion, to thwart the enemy plans by not participating in the demonstrations tomorrow, because it’s suspicious, and it will give rise to the voice of those who destroyed Iraq.”

For a man so opposed to the US occupation of the country he certainly seems to be against the movement to push them out. His position has changed since his party was able to again seats in the Iraqi parliament. Any resulting destruction of the government would only weaken his power. To me he seems like a traitor to the Iraqi people.

It is clear that revolution is absolutely necessary. There is no political party that going to push for the removal of the US from Iraq. And that is only because the Communist Party of Iraq has been effectively silenced by all media, and bullied into ineffectiveness. During the first election in Iraq after the removal of Saddam Hussein the CPI managed to win two seats.

It is absolutely necessary for the people of Iraq to organize outside the government in order to push out the corrupt puppets. The people of Iraq have my our support.

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