Suspicious “Jasmine Revolution” Appears in China

It appears as though the social unrest that is sweeping the Middle East and Northern Africa may be coming to China. The long standing social inequality that has taken over the former communist nation seems to be at last promoting a new revolution. However the call for revolution is coming from a very shady source, one that will not reveal its name.

The demonstrations are being called for from an American website,, written in Chinese. It is unknown what political ideology is behind the calls to action. There are many rumours, but no facts at this moment.

Calls to action by the website give specific locations and times for protests. The locations have changed but the time always remains the same, every Sunday at 2pm. The website also gives instructions for what to chant, including such social issues as housing and employment.

The website has called its actions the “Jasmine Revolution”. It is obviously named after the recent uprisings in Tunisia of the same name.

There has not been many people who have listened to the calls for action. However the former communist government is taking the statements very seriously. Already there have been numerous accounts of police attacking journalists, beating them and arresting them. Police forces armed with automatic weapons and armoured vehicles were seen in the protest areas keeping a watchful eye over events.

Internet control was also strictly maintained. The word “Jasmine” was blocked from Twitter and other sites. Blogs mentioning the website or its contents were also removed to prevent its message from spreading. Virtually no mention of it can be found on any Chinese language websites.

The calls to action against the capitalist regime in China are well justified. The social inequality in the former communist country is getting well out of hand. It is a far cry from the egalitarian experiments of the Revolutionary communes that took form in the Revolutionary period.

The social unrest in China is at a near fervour pitch. The state-media reported its “social unrest index” is at 4.7, where as a 5 is considered to be total social unrest and rebellion. This fear of the Chinese public against the ruling and economic elites of the country is highly justified. The social stratification in China is astounding.

Where once equality reigned, 10 percent of urban families own 45 percent of total urban wealth. A concentration of economic power greater than that of most US cities.

The cost of housing has reach levels of shear insanity. Housing in most cities in China have become absolutely unaffordable. The major cause of this has been the capitalist driven real estate speculators. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, nearly 85% of households cannot afford a home.

This is the gloriousness that is the restoration of capitalism in China.

I personally am very skeptical of the source of these calls to action. The very idea that these are being made anonymously certainly indicate to me a very sinister motive. I’ve heard rumours of a Maoist Party that operates underground in China, but I doubt that it is them. I’m certain that they would want their presence known.

At the moment my suspicion is that this website is funded and operated by the CIA in the hopes of weakening the emerging power of the Chinese dragon. It is my hope that the people of China can shake off capitalist domination and make a return to the Cultural Revolution and avoid any interference from American imperialism.