War on Libya has Begun

On Saturday the air strikes on Libya began what is no doubt going to become a war of aggression upon North Africa with the intent of bringing the region into US domain. United States, France and Britain (otherwise known as NATO) have already begun their respective campaigns that have killed many Libyan civilians that officials channels insist they are there to save.

According to media in Benghazi, hundreds of people have already been killed from NATO strikes. Reportedly there are also remains of various destroyed armoured vehicles. Already in the first two days of the imperialist intervention the civilian population has suffered under the banner of liberation.

Libyan television has reported that a hospital in Tripoli has been hit with 48 dead and over a hundred wounded.

The first strikes were made by the French air force hitting the Libyan military outside Benghazi, where the oil fields are. According to Al-Jazeera, The British Royal Air Force sent Tornado GR4s over 3,000 miles. That’s the longest distance they’ve travelled to bomb since the Falklands War in 1982.

The US attacked using cruise missiles and B2 stealth bombers. MSNBC reported that American F-15s and F-16s have assaulted Libyan troops around the coastal areas where they have been facing off against rebel forces.

Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff appeared on television to answer the question as to why the Obama administration was so keen on toppling Gaddafi while supporting such brutal dictatorships like Bahrain and Yemen. He answered by saying that each situation is different and reiterated that those countries have been long time allies.

While on NBC’s Meet the Press, Mullen has claimed that Gaddafi is using “human shields” in some areas, which is supposed to explain the civilian causalities that have been piling up. Of course, if this sounds familiar to you, its because this was one of the claims used by the Bush administration during the initial phases of the Iraq War.

So if you see any dead Libyans who were killed by “coalition forces”, Gaddafi made them stand there while they killed. So its the fault of the victim.

While this attack is going on against Gaddafi, he is still attempting to placate the US. The Libyan Oil minister publically announced that Libya’s oil was available for exploitation by Western powers. He asked that technical and administrative personnel return to the country in order to restore oil production. It also promised to keep up current contracts with producers like British Petroleum.

Despite the seeming unity of the new “coalition forces”, there are clear divisions among the imperialist camp. Russia, China, Brazil and India have all refused to take part in UN Security Council vote on the issue.

This has split has taken place as the imperialist powers have begun pushing for their individual interests inside a region that is in turmoil and contains important resources. Its clear that the drive for control of resources is being pushed by the world capitalist system.

The only solution to imperialist aggression is the distribution of resources according to human need through a non-profit means.

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  1. Anybody justifying the invasion of Libya in ANY way whatsoever are obviously naive.

    They have not learned the lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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