NATO Crumbling over Libya

The situation in Libya is destabilizing the NATO organization. Since the actions in Libya began (and I assume even before) the members of NATO have tried to decide on the organizational and command structure. The countries involved have been unable to come to any kind of agreement. Tensions have risen so high that Germany and France have quit the NATO Council meeting about the war.

The largest opponents of NATO getting control of the assault on Libya are France and Turkey. France doesn’t want NATO to have it because they would lose their position in the conflict. Turkey doesn’t want it because they want a weaker France and United Nations control.

The uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia have damaged French interests. France had a great deal invested economically and politically. These events have weakened their imperialist influence in North Africa. Getting involved in this conflict will help repair their weakening power.

France was instrumental in getting things ready for the war. They went out and got a hold of the opposition to Gaddafi in Benghazi. It was from this the humanitarian pretext for war was created. France got backed up by the US and the UK because they are interested in installing a puppet government to create better access to Libyan oil.

The claim of ”humanitarian intervention” has become the new imperialist justification. ”Humanitarian intervention” is the 21st century version of the ”white man’s burden”. Its nothing more than a thin cover for what is clearly an imperialist invasion, no different from the conquering of America.

The puppet government would also allow the imperialists to have a staging post to suppress the popular movements that have arisen in the last few months.

The whole big issue over who has control of the war on Libya is all about who will gain control over the oil. There is no doubt whoever sets up (or has a hand in setting up) the new government will divide oil concessions in their favour.

In my opinion there is little chance that Gaddafi will survive the war. He has publically stated that if he survives the war, he’ll nationalize the oil production and give concessions to Brazil, India and China. Nothing will place a bulls-eye on a leaders head faster than threatening to nationalize the oil industry.

Germany abstained from voting on the issue because they are massive opposed to French interests. France and Germany have been battling over international influence for sometime now. Berlin stopped French plans for a Mediterranean Union, and Germany stopped France’s plan for European Union intervention in Chad.

Each side is battling over who will profit from the oil who rightfully belongs to the Libyan people. This all displays the severe conflict of imperialist interests that threaten to break out into a larger, more violent situation. NATO is coming apart because of the contradictions of the world capitalist system.