China Considering a Role in Libya

As the world imperialist powers have begun carving up the soon to be corpse of Libya for control of oil; there’s one imperialist power that is being left out of the loop. China has advocated a non-intervention policy when it comes to matters like these, but even the Chinese ruling class are beginning to see that they are missing out.

The non-intervention policy of the Chinese government is currently under review as the fake Chinese Communist Party sees their economic interests beginning to slip away. The NATO invasion of Libya has jeopardized billions of dollars worth of Chinese investments, as well as the 35,000 Chinese people working there.

The invasion has also forced about 75 Chinese companies to leave tons of constant capital in the form of machinery in the country as people are fleeing or their lives from NATO killing. A new pro-Western regime that will be put in Gaddafi’s place will no doubt snub China when it comes to energy concessions.

Capitalist interests have already worked their “magic” on the ruling establishment promoting a Chinese invasion of Libya. Blog posts about the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt were blocked and banned, while blog posts about protecting Chinese investments in Libya have not been. So we can clearly see that the ruling class in China wants people to think in this direction.

The Chinese military is already criticizing the nation’s capacity to protect its interests. In the armed forces news paper “China Military” they called protection of these interests which were growing at 54 percent every year. Right now China is unable to defend its interests by being involved in the conflict. The Chinese Navy has no aircraft carriers, and thus can’t get the necessary forces into the situation.

Those who have spoken against the Chinese military intervention have been confronted with a familiar right wing reactionary line. People in China calling for the Chinese state to stay out of the situation and remain neutral have be accused of being “un-Chinese”, or “hating their country”, in the exact same nationalist stance taken by right wingers everywhere. If you don’t want people killed for the profit of the ruling class, you must support the terrorists somehow.

It is becoming more and more clear that the deep divides between the imperialist powers in this economic crisis is bringing them close to a violent confrontation. As the wealthy push harder and harder for the dwindling oil resource these situations will escalate. Only a socialist distribution of resources according to actual need and not for profit will resolve this situation.

4 thoughts on “China Considering a Role in Libya

  1. Potentially one of the best things that you’ve written on the MaoistRebelNews WordPress. Its quite obvious that China has for some time been imperialist, as by definition of imperialism it has for some time exported capital and has used its investments of capital to bind its now client-states into debt slavery for Chinese economic superiority and benefit. (Several African States that have now aligned with China are key to understanding the exportation of capital in a Chinese way and how client states operate within the Chinese spectrum.)

    However, this isn’t a new situation, this goes back some time, this goes back to the beginning of Mao’s leadership in China and the foundation of the CCP and the People’s Republic of China. As The People’s Republic of China has continually supported their own Imperialist interests, Tibet is an early example of this. While Tibet was Semi-Feudal and ruled within a repressive theocracy, China chose to conquer Tibet, instead of allowing for a rising of the peasants who were still acting as serfs to take their own destiny as a direct response of the revolution in China. It goes on however, to the Cold War in which China adopted the same Realpolitik rhetoric of the United States and its allies/client states. Going to the point of supporting reactionary movements in Angola, Mozambique, Afghanistan and various other countries who were against the Working Class and Marxism.

    Chinese Imperialism is obviously going to grow, as Chinese capital continues to grow. Chinese Imperialism will soon expand into military aspirations as, by definition the growth of capital to the point where it is capable of being exported without a problem, allows for the growth of military imperialism to back economic imperialism up.

    Again, excellent post.

  2. I am genuinely amazed that the Chinese have not intervened so far; I was considerably less amazed that note that they abstained on the UN vote, rather than against it. The amount of control that the capitalists control in China is obscene. A people’s revolution is needed there, and we must be with them; after all, was it not Ernesto Guevara who said “It is not a matter of wishing success to the victim of aggression, but of sharing his fate; one must accompany him to his death or to victory”?

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