Globe and Mail Endorses Fascism

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There’s a newspaper in Canada called the Globe and Mail. This newspaper more than others is the mouth piece of the Bay Street bankers of Toronto. For those of you who do not know, Bay Street is the Canadian equivalent to America’s Wall Street.

There was an article in there recently that outright called fort he creation of a fascist state in “true north strong and free”, as we like to call ourselves. (I always thought that was funny, the true north; FU Russia and Greenland, we’re the real deal.) The article called for this new Canadian fascist state to be headed by Conservative party leader Steven Harper.

Let’s take a minute and ask ourselves what Steven Harper has done to earn a spot as the new Fuhrer. Well, here’s a list of somethings he’s done to earn such a title:

• He has committed the Canadian Armed Forces to be a part of the imperialist occupation of Afghanistan to at least 2014.

• Much to the delight of NATO he has forced Canada to join in on the killing of Libyan civilians.

• Military spending is as high as its been since World War 2. And that’s adjusted with inflation.

• In an act of outright class war he’s reducing corporate taxes by one third over five years while slashing billions in austerity measures.

• As well as giving $50 billion or more to big business.

• When faced with a non-confidence vote over the numerous scandals (including collusion with torture) he resorted to using the unelected Governor-General to shut down parliament to save him.

• The violent suppression of legal legitimate protests at the G-20 summit. A billion dollars of our tax money was spent on shutting us up.

I know what you’re saying, that’s business as usual for a Conservative. That’s hardly proof that Steven Harper is a fascist. Then just took at the wording chosen by the Globe and Mail to describe him and what is supposedly great about him:

“Only Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party have shown the leadership, the bullheadedness (let’s call it what it is) and the discipline this country needs.”

This “bullheadedness” they speak of the policy of Steven Harper and the Conservative party to say “to hell with what the Canadian public wants, we’re going ahead with the policies and plans the Canadian people don’t want.” Just look that the situation in Afghanistan. The latest polls show 77% of Canadians don’t want a Canadian role in Afghanistan.

The Globe and Mail is outright cheering for a man who refuses to carry out the will of the people and is determined to act in the interests of the business and financial elite. A man who deliberately does the opposite of what the public is telling him to do. That IS a fascist, and we have only the fascists who voted Conservative to thank for that.

No matter what you do on election day, don’t vote for that fascist garbage Steven Harper. Stand up for Canada and vote for someone else, anyone else.

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