Cuba’s Drought Worst in 50 Years

At this moment Cuba is facing its worst drought in 50 years. Thousands of families have been affected by a shortage of water. The Cuban government has already stepped in to help alleviate the situation. Each family affected by this water shorted has been taken care of.

The primary cause of this drought is global warming, which has been hitting Latin America pretty hard since 2008. Bolivia and Venezuela particularity have been affected. Bolivia is close to losing its supply of drinking water. Venezuela’s drought is causing a shortage of hydroelectric energy.

The government has already stepped in with measure to help alleviate the situation. The government is providing road deliveries of water to more than 100,000 people in the worst affected areas of the capital, Havana. Residents are having to use buckets and bottles to fill up with water from the road deliveries.

When faced with a life threatening challenge, communism steps up to help prevent things from getting worse. Collectivism rations supplies so that everyone can have water. Not enough water due to the drought, but enough so that people won’t suffer. If Cuba were a free market society the water would already be horded so that its producers could charge more for it. Capitalism would have made the situation worse by its basic rules of supply and demand along with the profit motive.

This is a perfect example of a crisis (global warming) caused by capitalism being combated by doing its opposite. The people of Cuba are in a far better situation because of its adherence to the socialist ideal. They’re well aware of how much worse things would be if they had a free market.

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  1. This would not be the first time communism is in the right and capitalism is in the wrong. Thankyou for informing us and I hope that people will see this and follow by example. Not likly but hopefully.

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