Questions Concerning the Death of bin Laden

With a few days having passed since the reported death of Al-Qaeda mastermind and leader Osama bin Laden, there are pressing and important questions to ask about this whole event and the events leading up to it. These questions need to be asked, they are questions that a free, open and democratic society needs to ask. Especially since they concern the future of the nation, its Geo-political strategy. Not to mention the fact that the American tax payer foot the bill for it.

How did bin Laden live in such luxury only half a mile from the Pakistan Military Academy? We’ve been told for ten years that he has been hiding in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan. How was he able to live so close to the Pakistani government without having been detected? It certainly indicates to me that Pakistani intelligence not only knew he was there, but that they were keeping him there.

The house he lived in was built in 2005 in a wealthy neighbourhood. It had 18 foot high walls that were topped with barbed wire. The house is said to coat over $1 million, but the brothers who own it have no known source of income. They are also reported as burning their garbage as opposed to throwing it out.

Interestingly the Pakistani military says they were involved in the attack on the compound where bin Laden was. However this was contradicted by Barack Obama stated that the Pakistani government was notified of the raid after the event.

US President Barack Obama said during his speech on the capture that US forces did not learn of his whereabouts until August 2010. However new WikiLeaks information soon to be released shows that the US government may have known about his presence since 2008. It seems they learned about it from the torture of Abu al-Libi who has been detained at Guantanamo Bay.

In what is most suspicious is the disposal of bin Laden’s remains at sea after his killing so that no one can verify his death. While buried at sea it will be impossible to find his remains. It seems that bin Laden has been given the Jimmy Hoffa treatment. The whole fact that no one will be allowed to verify his remains is a clear signal that something is not right.

Unfortunately, we’ll probably never know the truth behind his death.