Conservative Electoral Fraud Discovered

Now that the 2011 Canadian election is over all the dirty tricks and attacks on democracy by the Conservative Party are coming out. According to the CBC Elections Canada “has had reports from several ridings from voters in Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia who claim to have been given false information that directed them to the wrong place to vote.”

Liberal candidate in Guelph, Frank Valeriote, has issued a public statement on Monday that people in his riding have received phone calls from people claiming to be Elections Canada telling them their polling station has changed.

The campaign has complained to Elections Canada and the Guelph police.

Elections Canada is reporting that it has received more than 100 complaints from Kitchener-Waterloo and the Guelph areas. Another dozen complaints were fielded in the Ottawa area.

The fictitious phone calls are also plaguing voters on the West Coast. Voters in British Columbia have received similar calls telling them to go to a different polling station.

The Canada Elections Act says it is prohibited to “wilfully prevent or endeavour to prevent an elector from voting at an election.” If a person is guilty of contravening the act, they could face a fine or jail time.

The anti-democratic measures by the Conservatives have not stopped there.

People in Montreal, who were expected to vote NDP, arrived at their polling stations to find that their names had already been crossed off the voting list saying that they have already voted. As a result many have had to obtain affidavit swearing that they have not already voted.

No comment or statement has come from the Conservative Party or Steven Harper.

In my mind there is no doubt that this came from the Conservative Party itself and more specifically carried out by its lackeys. Given the fact that they were told not to show up in places where Conservatives have usually done poor is a great indication. Quebec, and specially Montreal have almost never been receptive to the Conservative platform. This reveals a deeply anti-democratic trend that is building in the style of US electoral fraud.

As many will remember in the elections that featured George Bush, this same incident happened. African-Americans were deliberately take off voter registries and had calls placed to them telling them to go to a different place to vote. This was devastating considering lines to vote were hours long. This shameful illegality was repeated in 2004 on a wider scale.

With this new revelation, it worries me that American-style so-called democracy will now be practised here in Canada. It seems that Bush era politics will now be ushered in here as the Conservatives now have a majority. Our democracy and semi-respected way of life is under attack. Canada’s record of peacekeeping as opposed to policing is now dead with in invasions of Afghanistan and Libya. We’re all awaiting the new Patriot Act.

It is time for Canadians, real ones, to stand up for Canada and drive the Bush, ugh I mean Harper regime out of Ottawa.


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  1. Really I don’t know who do I hate more. The conservatives or the Maoists!!!

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