Libya Invaded for Gold as Well

While the invasion of Libya goes on and thousands and thousands of Libyans suffer, the pretext of humanitarian intervention is crumbling as NATO forces are becoming bogged down into a land forces battle which threatens to turn into an occupation.

The media is obviously quiet on the real reasons for the invasion of the country. The oil is the main target of all the imperialist powers squaring off to get a piece of the oil pie. This has lead to conflicts in the use of and positioning of ground forces in country.

However, there is another asset in Libya that has gone unnoticed by the mainstream media. According to the International Monetary Fund Libya’s gold reserve is among the 25 largest in the entire world. This maybe another huge factor in the drive for the invasion of Libya.

Unfortunately for the imperialists much of the gold is stored in vaults in Tripoli, the nations capital. However no one outside the Libyan government knows exactly where the the gold is. The 143-plus tons of gold is suspected to no longer be in the vaults of the Libyan central bank.

it is expected that Libyan state leader Muammar Gaddafi will begin selling off the gold in exchange for war materials and other such commodities. However this is difficult given the current situation.

According to a Financial Times article the use of any such gold would be difficult:

“Physical trading houses are now quite reluctant to deal with countries that have been involved with conflict – they don’t know who’s on the end of the trade… If a country like Libya wants to make their gold liquid it would probably be in the form of a swap – whether for arms, food or cash.”

It is clear that the invasion of Libya is not just aimed at the black gold, but the yellow gold as well.