Libyans Paying for Own Murder

On Thursday Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that Washington will be taking seized assets of the Libyan government and start using it to assist the assault on Libya. The collective wealth of the Libyan people is being used to to pay for the murder of Libyans. The Libyan people are being forced to pay for their own imperialist invasion.

Thai was decided at the “Contact Group on Libya”. Its a meeting that brought important figures from Europe, the Middle East, the World Bank and the UN to decide on unfreezing of Libyan assets. These assets will be used to pay for the CIA controlled rebels. Middle Eastern governments have pledged money as well, Kuwait $180 million, and Qatar $400 million.

However there is a problem, much of the foreign seized assets are in privately held banks, and those bankers are resistant to turning over that wealth. Some of the estimated 30$ billion is currently behind held in America banks. The profit motive is stark here, assets stolen form the Libyan people are a go, by those held by private banks are proving difficult to get a hold of.

To add insult to murder, the Contact Group on Libya is claiming the money will be spent on humanitarian aid when we well know it will not. In fact that will be given to CIA operatives, Libyan defectors and Islamic fundamentalists.

In the face of the global economic crisis, imperialism has found a new way to afford its wars of conquest: make the victims pay for their own murder.