‘Journalists for the Truth’ say Venezuela Free

Despite the rhetoric spouted by the US and other imperialist powers, the Journalists for the Truth NGO are reporting that freedom of speech is thriving in Venezuela. The NGO’s vice president Jose Nieves issued a challenge to the corporate media to report this.

He said Venezuela is currently living “an explosion of freedom of speech”.

This is proven true by the fact that Venezuela’s telecommunication industry has grown 20 percent annually since 1999. Also 60 community television stations have popped up and 250 grassroots radio and print operations have been created.

Grassroots, as in not controlled by a mega corporation.

The runs counter to all the propaganda put out by the capitalists in Venezuela as well as the imperialists in the West. Freedom of speech is absolutely thriving in Venezuela, all running counter to capitalism.

Lets compare this to other countries in Latin America, say those who are good friends of the imperialists. Like Honduras, where 20 journalists have been murdered since Manuel Zelaya was forced out of office by military coup a year and a half ago.

There is no comparison, the anti-capitalist stance of Hugo Chavez, who leads with a large majority of support, has created a much more free media environment.

Oh, and this comes on the heels of a new law passed by the Venezuelan National Assembly which forces the identity of media owners to be made public. That way people can see WHO is saying what, not just what they are saying.

Now Venezuelans can “consider the source”.


13 thoughts on “‘Journalists for the Truth’ say Venezuela Free

      • Known to be highly suspicious…for what?

        Also, could you post a link to Journalist for the Truth’s website?

      • I don;t know their website, it was on television. And Reporters w/o boarders is known for being a very ruling class biased “opinion”. Always comes down on the side of the rich

  1. Well that’s brilliant. Mind telling me what channel at least?

    What does that even mean? What’s a ruling class bias? How are they doing that? Care to show a RWB example?

  2. Ah, thanks for that, but I would still like to know more about this organization.

    So, what exactly is a “ruling class bias” in the RWB?

    • Ruling class bias is where the opinion in question always comes out on the side of the rich, or the social group that holds all the power. The wealthy control the world at the expense of a great deal of people. No matter how brutal or exploitative it gets, opinion always supports the exploiter and defends the profits of them.

      • So whenever someone states an opinion that happens to help rich people is suspicious? Is this because it has inherent bias or because specifically it is assisting the rich?

      • “Ruling class bias is where the opinion in question always comes out on the side of the rich…”

        ALWAYS… You don’t know what class antagonism is do you?

  3. I do, but as an individualist, I find classes to be of little relevance to me. There can be antagonisms between individual people, as well as groups of individuals, but not of some loosely defined demography.

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