Dalai Lama’s Successor Clueless

Times have certainly changed haven’t they? For centuries the Dalai Lama has ruled Tibet officially and in exile. Its been forgotten that Dalai Lama was an unelected position, he (always he) was entitled to that position by the fact that he’s the God King. You know, God always wanted him to be the feudal dictator of Tibet. Like how the royal family rules over England, or the royal family rules over Saudi Arabia, or how George Bush was president. Its always been ignored how he champions the separation of Church and state, while being the the living embodiment of that. He is the spiritual and political leader of the Tibetan people. Of course this glaring hypocrisy was completely ignored by the Western media which has had a vested interest in attacking China.

Well all that has changed now. The Dalai Lama recently “stepped down” as the political leader of Tibet ushering in the democratic election of a successor to take over that role. Now Lobsang Sangay is the democratically elected prime minister of the Tibetan government-in-exile. Interesting how a government in exile can have an “election” when that government doesn’t exist. But I digress..

Prime minister Lobsang Sangay has apparently reached out to the Chinese government declaring his intentions to have talks to discuss the re-autonomization of Tibet. (You know, returning Tibet to being an autonomous region within China as opposed to being a province.) Well it didn’t work.

Lobsang Sangay was probably under the impression that he was going to be taken seriously because he’s a Harvard University academic. Interesting to note is how many foreign leaders with massive human rights abuses under their belt just happen to have either an education from Harvard University or is heavily connected it it in some way. Like Hector Gramajo Morales is a graduate of the Kennedy School of Government, wanted for massacres and torture. Or Dan Halutz, Advanced Management Program, Harvard Business School, wanted for indiscriminate bombing. This causes he to seriously doubt the validity of the Tibetian so-called elections.

Upon contacting the Chinese government he found out that they aren’t interested in him, or talking to him. It seems Mr. Sangay thinks his position means something. He doesn’t realize that his “government” doesn’t exist.

The position of prime minister is something that was invented some time after the feudal ruling class was kicked out of Tibet. The Dalai Lama was booted out of his palace (yes he lived in a palace with over a thousand slaves despite his talks of anti-materialism and freedom) by Tibetan contingents of the Red Guard. It was a position made up in an attempt to give legitimacy to a fictional government. The real government of Tibet before the revolution was the Dalai Lama, many feudal landlords and tens of thousands of literal slaves. Technically the entire population of Tibet was the personal property of the Dalai Lama. No prime minster was there.

Its funny really, a fictional government wants to discuss its fraudulent claim over a non-existent country. Makes me laugh….

Dan Halutz

Hector Gramajo:

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  1. ……A signed article by Yi Duo on Friday provided an insight into the autocratic nature of the Dalai Lamas theocratic rule…..The article said the Dalai clique had been using every opportunity to talking its democratic achievements for years while some Western forces have also been trying to portrait Dalai as the symbol of democracy…….Yis article charged that such detailed and systematic stipulations laid a solid legal basis for the Dalai Lama to arrogate all powers to himself and questioned the democracy of such stipulations. …….The article said anyone who knows the Dalai clique would be able to tell that it is an autocratic theocracy that is any thing but democracy…..The article said the Dalai clique had tried to lay a legal basis for its rule.

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