NDP Revealed to be a Fraud

You remember that election in Canada we just had for federal parliament? That election where the NDP gained more seats that it ever has before? Where for the first time the NDP (the social-democrats) became the official opposition for the first time? Yea you remember that election. Well as it turns out the NDP never had the people’s best interests in mind. (OMG EPIC LULZ LOL!!!) They have been caught bowing the ruling class interests at the expense of the working class.

Jack Layton promised us all that Main Street not Bay Street stuff. You know, that protecting pensions, putting a moratorium of outsourcing jobs, ending all the austerity measures, ending the war in Afghanistan. Well he never intended to do any of it whatsoever, and now we have proof of that.

In the May 5th edition of the Montreal La Presse, this is what it had to say:

“Last Monday, the NDP made contact with leaders of the financial world to reassure the markets. The NDP wanted to remind them that if the NDP formed the government, it would follow the example of provincial premiers like Roy Romanow in Saskatchewan or Gary Doer in Manitoba who had tabled balanced budgets.”

Here you are, proof that the social-democrats do not fight for the interests of the masses of Canadian people. They fight for the benefit of the elite, and defend the interests of American business in country. The NDP has been exposed as an absolute lie. I mean I always knew it was, it is after all a bourgeois parliamentarian party based in a system created and controlled by the bourgeois. But rarely have the NDP ever been so transparent about it.

Now the NDP has an excuse for what happened. When contacted about the article the NDP press secretary Karl Belanger claimed that it was all to protect the pension investments. A nice little fib to get the elites to relax so that they could get into power more easily.

What I find most insulting about this is the fact that I am supposed to believe that. They actually think the Canadian public is supposed to be dumb enough to believe that those conversations with the richest businessmen and financial journalists was all just “playing the game”. I am insulted that anyone would think I was foolish enough to believe such rubbish.

However, this incident says more than it appears on the surface. Think about it for a moment, let’s assume that Karl Belanger is telling the truth, that they were just placating the financial elite. Doesn’t that indicate that you need the wealthy elite on your side if you’re going to run for office? But why would you need the wealthy elite on your side when you’re running for office? This is a democracy right?

I think by now, no matter how right wing nationalist you are, you have to admit that this system is rigged in favour of the rich. Even a party that claims to be against the very thing this country is predicated on can’t enter office without the consent of the financial aristocracy. THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY! Nothing but childish ear plugging denial could possibly allow someone to go on thinking this is a free country.

Capitalism is democracy? Even the most fanatic pro-capitalist zealots couldn’t be buying it anymore. But alas, as usual, this little glimmer of truth went completely ignored in the rest of the media. But then again we have a free press right?