Wealthy Class Seeking to Fire 500 Police Bodyguards


2 thoughts on “Wealthy Class Seeking to Fire 500 Police Bodyguards

  1. Wow. They just shot themselves in the foot with those layoffs.

    I never thought the recession ended either. I guess it’s open season on the bourgeoisie now.

  2. Keep in mind that under the capitalist conservative ideal Police will be privatized/ corporate anyway. Being that at least some people are still pretty pissed off about the g20 summit crack-down in TO avec pre-emptive arrests etc. they’ve got more than economy giving them excuses to let corporations more directly govern us (with profit motive to make sure it’s in “our best interests” of course – gag).

    Honestly law enforcement is becoming more privatized all the time as is.

    Photo-enforcement (red light cameras and photo radar) where only occasionally the actual operations of enforcement aren’t run by corporations in which case, at least the ticket processing IS. This means that, non-commissioned, non-government employed, non-unionized people are evaluating your driving habits regularly.

    Private Security Guards, again non-unionized, are taking a larger role in places that people still mistake for being commons (city centers and parks etc. especially during festivals).

    More “peace officers” being paid less than regular police officers but working as such in various cities, is also an increasingly common sight (you may have noticed that there are a lot more “peace officer” vehicles in your own cities lately. They basically deal with traffic because that’s as close to commons as we get anymore and so the private security guards deal with wider work sites etc. (as it’s private property). Even alarm companies more commonly call private security when a break and enter is suspected now.

    This leaves public police dealing with domestic disputes, drugs, and murder. – oh and busting up ebul protestors.

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