Sexual Predator is Leading SlutWalk LA – Hugo Schwyzer

This has been re posted due to the fact that my opinion as stated here has come from other sources, including this person’s own website. He has made unsubstantiated threats that can be viewed on Twitter.

Rarely do i do this because its not the usual topic I cover but today i am going to do that. Few people know I am actually a feminist, but I’ve not expressed that as much as I should have because I’ve been avoiding YouTube drama (or as I call it YouTube pornography). This is wrong and I should not have been doing it. This will now change.

You may or may not have heard about the Slut Walk idiocy that has been going around. Okay some cops were handing out guides to being safe at night on this Canadian university campus and told this woman not to dress like a slut. She got mad and organized a “Slut Walk” to take back the word slut. Which makes sense because it was such a compliment before men took it and began using it as an insult. So I’m going to go ahead and “reclaim” the term “commie pig”.

There’s all kinds of reasons why this is stupid. But suffice to say that rape doesn’t happen because of female behaviour, but because of male behaviour.

Now this Slut Walk idiocy has spilled out form Canada into the United States (yes we got you with this like we did with Justin Bieber). Its begun in LA where it is being organized by Hugo Schwyzer. Who is he? Well he’s admitted to using his female students for sex. Basically he’s a sexual predator who’s leading naive women in a charge to be proud of being sluts. So basically for him, this whole thing is like one big interview for potential victims.

He abuses his position in a power structure to get sex. What a fucking pathetic little man. He goes after them because a grown woman with life experience can see through his lies to his pervy ways. The guy is basically a sexual predator in charge barely legal teens.

He goes after them because he can’t handle a real woman. He’s a horrible little man. To hell with you Hugo Schwyzer!

Source for his own admission of conduct with students

8 thoughts on “Sexual Predator is Leading SlutWalk LA – Hugo Schwyzer

  1. Rock on! Glad to see a fellow feminist shout it loud and proud.
    This guy is a creep, it’s painful to see young women left to wolves like him.

  2. I’m a yoostabee feminist but that was destroyed in a horrible custody battle. I am a father of two daughters, and my conclusion re: Hugo is identical to yours.

    Over and over as you read his antics, he does horrible things to women and men, and then manages always to rationalize that by projecting his bizarre behavior as the normal behavior of all men, and by that, he is often defended by women as a feminist.

    But in reality, he is a sociopath, and no one should defend him.

  3. FINALLY!!!! After years of calling out hugo “I’m only interested in sex” schwyzer out on his stupidity and getting boo hooed, there are finally people who are realizing what a complete liar, weirdo, sexual predator of students, this buffoon really is.
    He hides behind his so called “championing of feminism and women’s rights” in order to bed students. This guy was bedding female students when I was attending PCC back in the mid 90’s. It was known by students and professors. Professor’s talked about it.
    This buffoon is also a racist. On his old blog “hugo boy” he racially profiled students by saying “asians and armenians are the predominant ethnic races that cheat in classes”. Total idiot.

  4. here is a post from Hugo Schwyzer’s blog “hugoboy” dated 2006. This guy thinks he quite smart playing with words. as an English Teacher all I can say is “nice try Hugo”. No matter how hard he tries to mask his agenda, it jumps out at you. He is saying “women, it’s ok to give in to your desire for pleasure, it’s ok to seek pleasure” and he invokes God ( I mean that’s low even by my standards) when he says “proclaim the God given right to delight in our bodies”. Wow! really Hugo? really? you hide behind God to justify your bedding students, cheating on your wife and using the feminism as a front for your sexual agenda? (women tend to fall for guys like this because hey “they understand women, they understand how they have been dumped on and how fragile, yet intelligent and unrewarded they are”. A complete joke.

    Hugo Schwyzer wrote: “Though not all of my students are yet sexually active, all of them are “food active.” They’ve been eating for as long as they can remember, and will do so for the rest of their lives. Part of beginning a feminist journey is making a commitment not merely to self-indulgence, but to the principle that all human beings are entitled to seek out pleasure. It’s one thing to say those words aloud, another to live them out. And since feminism is never merely about transforming the self for the self alone, it’s vital that men and women commit themselves to being advocates for shame-free pleasure in the lives of their friends and family. Though our understanding of when and how we seek pleasure may be informed by our own spiritual beliefs, and though we ought never seek pleasure at the expense of another’s happiness, we can still boldly, loudly, and continually proclaim the God-given right to delight in our bodies.

    Actor Dirk Benedict had it right when he said “Women are from Venus. Men are from Mars. Hamlet does not scan as Hamletta. Nor does Han Solo as Han Sally. Faceman is not the same as Facewoman. Nor does a Stardoe a Starbuck make. Men hand out cigars.Women `hand out’ babies. And thus the world, for thousands of years,has gone round.

    At least he’s honest and not using a teaching position as a front for a sex stable.

  5. You’re actually understating how horrible he is. He admits to attempting to kill an ex who came to him for help after a rape—-“She smelled like sex,” he said, this so-called feminist—-and to being ‘an accidental rapist’ when he repeatedly ignored a girlfriend’s not interested signals in sex. So…yeah.

    • This guy pushed himself on a girlfriend who was not interested in having sex? He tried to kill an ex-girlfriend? What a Loon!!!! This guy educates young minds? LOL. The spirit of Ted Bundy lives on, in Hugo Schwyzer. i wanna kick this guy’s ass so bad.

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