Upcoming MRN Projects

Here are some projects coming in the new future for the Maoist Rebel News:

The Role and Interests of Natives in Revolution

A detailing of the terminology unique to Marxism

A post about a Hero of the Chinese Communism Zhang Taofang

A critique of so-called “eco”-capitalism

A work I call “Ignorance and Arrogance of Communism: The Mark Twain Combination”

The Myth of the Self-Made Man

The Theology of Oprah

A good critique of Alex Jones and the New World Order

“Was Bernie Madoff really a bad guy?”

I’m currently in a situation where I’m moving and getting a new computer (an HP i5), so that’s taking up a lot of my attention and resources. When these situations are resolved I’ll get to finishing them.

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  1. hey mao, can you make a vid on FOX news? im in the states, and I wold really love to see you make one of them :D

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