Jon Stewart’s Greek Balance Paradox

On Wednesday June 21 Jon Stewart did a segment on the recent Greek riots over the attempted destruction of the social welfare system they are enduring. In doing so he basically called for the people of Greece to stop protesting and accept the destruction of the living standard victories they fought for.

He did it by passing it off this pro-fascist stance as a “middle ground” compromise. He claimed there were two extremes in this case, that of a so-called excessive welfare programs and an excessive use of violence in defending these programs. He called for a “balance” of these two extremes. Except how do you balance two extremes that are not opposite to each other? You can balance black and white into grey, you can balance sink and swim into neutral buoyancy. How do you balance two things that are not opposites?

This is the jist of what he said, I was unable to find a transcript:

“You need to be less Spartan Warrior and stop throwing rocks and yogurt at police. You also need to be less hedonistic by retiring at 53 at 80% of pay. You need to strike a balance between these too.”

You cannot balance these two things against each other like he is suggesting. They are not opposites, one creates the other. The “Spartan Warrior” actions create the benefits of the “hedonistic” life style.

I’m sure what Jon Stewart is saying is that the people of Greece need to be making less of a demand and using less violence to enforce that demand. However what he’s really saying is ask for less and shut up. Stop doing anything to achieve those demands. Essentially Jon Stewart is simply being reactionary against the people, telling them to just accept cuts to their standard of living as the ruling classes want them too.

Jon Stewart is pretty reactionary sometimes.

6 thoughts on “Jon Stewart’s Greek Balance Paradox

  1. Well he is a comedian maybe it was all in sarcasm. I don’t know some comedians aren’t that funny. I still like Jon Stewart though.

    • Yea that’s the thing, he wasn’t being sarcastic, you can tell when he’s being serious. This is the liberal way of attacking worker’s rights and victories, pass it off as compromise.

      • Jon Stewart shills for corporate fascism (what used to be called mercantilism). He is sponsored by GE. He cannot disobey his masters. Why you communists revel in his presence is beyond me.

        GE claims to give a shit about the environment and when they propagandize through Tina fey and 30 Rock or the daily show, they do it to suppress investigation into their own bad habits. GE is in the top 10 polluters of freshwater around the world. They are in bed with JPMorgan chase (one of the worst banks) in blowing off the tops of mountains for coal.

        Worker’s are stupid and that’s why they get ‘taken advantage’ of over and over again. The masses aren’t as wide of thinkers as the ones at the top and it has always been that way, from Plato to Hegels to Trotsky and Stalin. just admit it.

      • Anarchy is the only fair method of society. If you want progress it FORCES peaceful cooperation. Otherwise, we’ll live like Indian tribes. Communism is a joke of an ideology that RELIES on FORCE because you can’t win everyone over to it and the economic system it demands is ALL knowledge and PREDICTIVE distribution. Two things impossible given the nature of how economic information is formed (bottom to top). (Have you heard of Total vs. Marginal utility, cause Marx hadn’t) Corporations and government are both power structures, one claims monopoly and ‘legalized’ force and the other must rely on local corruption for it to flourish. Given these choices, i’ll take anarcho capitalism over communism (especially maoist) Bakunin and Hilferding were your best theorists and they say, basically, the same things as Mises and Rothbard when it comes to corporations and government, only they think that they can control them.

        If a corporation gets out of control, under anarchy, people like me would destroy their property and there would be no STATE to punish us. But with the state we get in trouble and the banks get bailed out.

      • Oh yea, made up vs real economics. I know, I know, REAL capitalism never existed therefore the entire history of capitalism never happened. Somalia doesn’t count because they’re Black. Uh I mean, “a different culture” or “a different history” or “geographical considerations”. Head it all before, real capitalism is the made up one that never existed. BTW tard you can force everyone over to “your” ideology either so it as a stupid argument to make.

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