Vietnam and China Chill Out!!!

On my video “War: China vs Vietnam” Chinese and Vietnamese people have been attacking each other other viciously. Name calling, racism and all manner of hateful remarks have been flying from both sides in this, what is essentially, a conflict of capitalism. I want to tell you, the people of Vietnam and China to chill the hell out. There is absolutely no need for the hostilities.

A few Vietnamese have accused me of being biased towards China because I’m a Maoist. That’s not true I didn’t take any side in the conflict because they are both wrong. One Vietnamese guy accused me of being Jewish, normally only white people ever accuse me of that.

This whole situation is a fraud of nationalism, and that’s all it is. Petty, arrogant nationalism. Both of your governments are pushing you against each other for the benefit of the elites. The Chinese ruling class is out for its own profit making, and the Vietnamese elites are out for their own profit making.

None of this has to happen, these resources belong to the world and should be distributed as such. The only reason there is any conflict here is that each side is looking to use it for their own wealth. A wealth that the people of China and the people of Vietnam will never see. There won’t be this ridiculous “trickle down” effect. Your ruling classes are using both of you as pawns for their gain.

The working classes of Vietnam and China must stand up and tell their governments they do not want war in the South China Sea! The history of international solidarity between both nations is well known. Both were vociferous opponents of US imperialism in the 60s and 70s. You are both comrades that need to stop with the petty nationalism and return to your true path of international proletarianism.

Don’t listen to the US representatives speaking about the ownership of the South China Sea. Who are they to have a say anything on this manner? They’re constantly trying to take it for themselves whenever they can. They care nothing for you Vietnam, they are trying to use you against China. The Chinese elite are trying to use their own people against the Americans. This is madness.

The South China Sea belongs to the people of South Asian region. The US has been conducting military exercises with Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. Why are they there? They have no business in this area. The interference is to protect their own profit motive interest. That’s all this situation is about, elites making money and pushing the masses towards a war because of it.

No more using comrades against comrades! Stand up and each of you tell your respective governments that you will not be used as a tool of war. Tell them that you are not jingoist puppets for the wealthy elite who exploit you.

The profit motive is war!
Now war in the South China Sea!
Power to the peoples of China and Vietnam!
Strive for the socialist alternative!

4 thoughts on “Vietnam and China Chill Out!!!

  1. This is my problem with Nationalism and Capitalism. They both encourage petty nonsense such as “national pride” and “material happiness.” As Socialists and Communists, we must not be divided over such small things. I have a feeling that this might be the Sino-Soviet split all over again.

  2. hi didnt know where to question this… but couldnt it be that the absorption of law of one philosophy in conjuncture with theosophy, marxism, the eco-friendly-save gaia attitude, zeitgeist, the venus project and the ultimate anti corporation hate towards the powers that be, become the needed knowledge to become a soldier not against but for the new world order? sorry for posting this here but I would really like to know what you think of this..

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