Obama Ends Investigations into Bush Torture

The last hope we had that someone might put the Bush administration on trial for the torture of “war on terror” prisoners has been killed. The Obama administration has announced that it will be dropping 99 of the 101 investigations that were being conducted. Those who were tortured by the US military and US government will not be finding justice.

This development certainly hampers the idea of change that the Obama campaign promised. All the rhetoric of a “new America” emerging from the last election has certainly been proven a fraud. There is no change, the same human rights violating policies are being pushed through while the same crimes (and new ones) are being swept under the rug.

Fascist policies put in place by the Bush administration have not been challenged, in fact they have been expanded. No attempt has been made to close the CIA secret prisons where people are routinely tortured and murdered. Despite promises, the Guantanamo Bay has not been closed either.

Whistle blower protections have not been restored but destroyed to a greater extent. Private Bradley Manning, a bonafied hero, is being held and tortured by the US military for exposing its constant crimes to the world.

Illegal and immoral wars continue unabated by the populist election of Barack Obama. The invasion of Libya without Congress approval should come as no surprise, its a repeated pattern of history. Bombing of civilian centres in the North African country are a daily occurrence with numerous civilian causalities. The Geneva Conventions are still not being respected by the world’s super power and its military.

This refusal to investigate the torture committed by the CIA and the US military shows quite clear that these events will continue to happen. The Obama administration has no intention of ever stopping these abuses of human rights.

In a Wall Street Journal editorial, “Vindicating the CIA: Ending a Disgraceful Investigation”, the article cried that investigating the CIA and the military for its abuses of human rights was wrong. This is truly the ruling class’ opinion, daring to call them on their crimes is a disgrace. This is the mentality the imperialists have.

They consider the existence of human rights an affront to their perceived right to kill and conquer in the name of profit making.

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