Wisconsin: Slavery Returns to America

Comrades we’ve all supported the worker uprisings in Wisconsin against the fascist attacks by the ruling class and its running dogs in the Republican government. We stood in amazement as even police officers resisted the budget cuts killing the living standards and rights of tens of thousands of workers. We were proud to stand by these people in spirit to support their struggle that we all face.

Republican Governor Scott Walker responded to these demands for the protection of rights and living standards by killing the collective bargaining powers of state workers. The plan we assumed was to replace well-paid, benefit having union workers with privately controlled minimum wage workers with no benefits… We were wrong, the Republican’s had something much worse planned. A return to slavery.

Last week a new law went into effect that puts inmates doing landscaping, painting, and another basic maintenance around the county that was previously done by county workers. Before this law unions could sue to protect this work, but with the passing of Walker’s new law, they are powerless.

To make matters worse, private prisons where this program has been instituted have been receiving a new influx of prisoners thanks to new Republican laws. It appears the capitalist system has found away to create a supply of slave labour now that there is a demand for it.

This is the enslavement of minorities as well. If 40% of US prisoners are Black and 20% Hispanic, than it is clear that this new law is forcing predominantly black minorities back into slavery. Bringing back slavery, only a Republican could come up with such an idea.

The response to the crash of the global capitalist system has been to resort back to slavery. (Why not? Profit making from slavery made a lot of money for the Founding Fathers.) The removal of work from workers has been placed into the hands of virtual slaves… people forced to perform work on threat of punishment. If a worker demands better treatment, they don’t just get fired, they get solitary confinement.

As global crisis of capitalism worsens, greater and greater fascist policies will need to be put in place to save the profit motive. What Vladimir Lenin said long ago rings just as true today:

“Fascism is capitalism in decay”

4 thoughts on “Wisconsin: Slavery Returns to America

  1. And Libertarians tend to whine about government intervention. I mean really, if Libertarians cared about getting government out of their lives, why don’t they protest against Scott Walker’s new law forcing prisoners into working? Why not protest against the return of slavery? Isn’t that government intervention? Personally, I don’t care if they call themselves Libertarians or not, if they constantly whine about government intervention just to “dodge” Socialism, then that tells a lot about them.

    I can say that if we do go all the way to 1930’s Germany combined with 1776’s America with rampant slavery, there’s going to be a People’s War against the elite. In my opinion, labels such as “Capitalist, Socialist, Communist, Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Independent, etc.” don’t really mean much, and I say this even as a Maoist Socialist myself. There’s just too much classism here in America.

    And while on the subject of America and Communism, I wonder what you think of this video from RT America. It’s a tad old but here’s the link:

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