Alex Jones and the New World Order

For quite a while now people have been asking me what I think about Alex Jones and the whole New World Order deal. I’ve been putting it off for a long time because I don’t care about Alex Jones or InfoWars. However, since I do keep getting asked about it, I’m going to go ahead and give my view of it.

The belief in the New World Order conspiracy is not an unexpected reaction to everything that has been going on. Clearly anyone who looks around at the situation the world is in, they can see a stark contrast between the way the media, education system and official societal dogma says things are, and the way things really are. This is no secret, there’s a huge contrast in what we are told and the way things are.

When confronted with this contradiction a rational person is going to go looking for an explanation. Now when this break with the “official story” occurs, a person does not have an immediate understanding why it isn’t true. So a person has to look around at the situation and compare that with any explanation they have come across.

So this idea of a secret society conspiring against everyone in the world is not an unreasonable conclusion. Anyone can see that there is a group of people in the world, a wealthy powerful collection of people, who always make out no matter what; while the vast majority always lose. That’s simple, observable empirical reality. There is not much in the way of denying this.

Its not unreasonable because its true, there is an elite strata out to control the world. We call them the capitalist class. They’re people who use a great deal of wealth and control over the world’s resources to control governments and entire populations. However Alex Jones won’t analyze capitalism, he’s one of these people who blindly believes that capitalism is the only way/greatest thing ever and therefore can do no wrong. (Which is just like the Mises cultists and Ron Paul so-called revolutionaries.) So lacking any ability (or desire) to take a critical look at capitalism, he has to find some kind of great Other. There’s nothing wrong with what he thinks, or the economic system he believes in, so there must be some great Other invading this system or some kind of primal abstract “Great Evil”. (Which also explains why often the Illuminati conspiracy theories involve Satanism.)

The perception of this great Other usually takes the form of something they already know about, or already have a hatred for. The recognition of a conspiracy, when lacking a proper materialist analysis, causes the person’s consciousness to resort to any already held prejudices as the cause of it. If a person is racist they’ll see the New World Order as a Jewish conspiracy. If they are deeply religious they will blame Satanists. If they are very New Age hippie, they’ll blame space reptiles. If they are prejudiced towards anti-capitalist ideas, they will blames socialism/communism and the like. All of this is caused by an inability or refusal to conduct a materialist analysis of the current system and ideology recognizing its contradictions.

Okay, take the claim by capitalism that it ends poverty, poverty is eliminated by capitalism. Anyone who has any sense of reality no matter where in the world they live knows this does not happen. The United States has rampant poverty, the Third World is overflowing with poverty. And all of these places are capitalist, from the US to Afghanistan to Somalia. When poverty isn’t eliminated, the various prejudices appear to explain it without a materialist analysis. A racist will say “its a Jewish conspiracy” or “Black people just don’t want to work”. If a person is deeply religious then God is punishing people. An anti-socialist will say “that’s not capitalism”. In truth, through a materialist analysis, we know there cannot be a rich without a poor. If one group has a majority of the money, the other section (or sections) will have little. It is literally impossible for poverty to be eliminated by capitalism. None of these anti-materialist explanations can actually understand this contradiction. A lack of materialist analysis always leads to blaming some great Other.

Take Alex Jones’ view of illegal Mexican immigration. He claims that corporations want the border between the US and Mexico destroyed so they can fulfil the grand notion of a “North America Union”. Of course this goes against a materialist analysis. Capitalism requires a pool of cheap labour in order to extract profit. This cheap pool of labour is Mexico and the system needs it to stay that way. If the boarder was removed, eventually living standards and wages would roughly equalize across the whole area in question. This would in turn hurt profits because producers need a cheap pool of labour to produce commodities, and a pool of labour that is not as poor in order to buy them. Thus the boarder has to remain.

The poverty in Mexico caused by American companies drives people across the boarder into the US to escape it. Thus we have a contradiction in capitalism, which is a system of contradiction. But because Alex Jones has a typical American anti-socialist stance (created by decades of Cold War propaganda), will not analyze capitalism and automatically defaults to the “that’s not capitalism stance”.

This lack of a material analysis of the system we live in and the ideology we live in will lead to all kinds of theories and conspires as to why things are not as we are told they are. Its a natural but incorrect reaction to a lack of understanding. So I really don’t blame Alex Jones or the people who follow him thinking the way they do.

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  2. i don’t think that you have really listened to an Alex Jones radio broadcast. if you did you would know that he’s against all multi-national corporations, big pharma, big agra all of these things that have now infiltrated our government and control them. if you watch any of his movies or movies Alex Jones has been in, may i suggest the Kevin Booth doc, “How Weed Won The West” where some of Alex’s most left views are put on full display, you’d know that he doesn’t champion capitalism to the daeth. but if you take a look at Communist history you “Maoist” rebel you’d realize that the “three years of economic difficulty” were actually a genocide by negligence. also concerning Mexican immigration he never hesitates to state that the multi-national corporations and NAFTA have destroyed Mexico’s economy and landbases. He wants Mexicans to revolutionize their own country. He has a very wide base and a message that he’s trying to spread. If you alienate the majority of Americans, right away or all the time you will never win them over to your side. There is only one truth

    • Yea I know he’s against corporations, right, “That’s not real capitalism”. Heard it all before. NAFTA is capitalism. Mao’s “genocide” was famine caused by accident, not deliberate, and is massively over blown by zealots like yourself. BTW Deng Xiaoping was actually in charge of what was going on with agriculture. But you don’t even know that name because you don’t know anything about what was going on. Alex Jones is just a superficial chicken little anti-scientific thinker. These same psychos thought the NWO was coming in 1974 and then again in 1984 and then again after 9/11. Yea there is only one truth, he’s pretty far from it. Like I said

      Raicist – blame Jews
      Hippie – alien reptiles
      anit-communist – communism
      patriotfag – everything

      I’ve watched a lot of his bullshit on YouTube, everything is a big scary group of shadowy monsters. Christ, actually try to analyze, don’t just jump on the most abstract possible explanation. That’s religion.

    • “i don’t think that you have really listened to an Alex Jones radio broadcast.”

      You’ve pretty much shot yourself in the foot with this first sentence. Don’t think? :\

    • I’ve listened to Alex Jones before (I actually went through a conspiracy theory phase when I was 17) and I have never heard him criticize capitalism at all. He’s even spread bullshit lies about how nothing Marx said can be taken seriously because Marx was on the payroll of bankers or some shit that has no evidence to support it and says nothing about Marx’s overall theories. And if Alex Jones was so anti-capitalist, why does he get so much publicity on mainstream media? Chomsky doesn’t. Zinn didn’t when he was alive. People like David Harvey certainly don’t. What Jones initially does is serve as a distraction. He loves capitalism and frequently praises it all while denouncing “socialism”. So of course he won’t analyze things like consumer culture/commodity fetishism, inequalities of wealth, the wage system, or how the state is essentially working FOR capitalists to PRESERVE capitalism.

  3. That’s my problem with Alex Jones. Sure, he may be smarter than Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh and at least he isn’t a total crybaby on camera, but this whole NWO mumbo-jumbo or other conspiracy crap isn’t really convincing me that he’s some knight in shining armor.

    I’ve only seen a few YouTube videos about him, and I can say that the only things I ever liked about him was that he handed Glenn Beck his ass and that he said that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset and how the US worked with Gaddafi in the past. Other than that, he’s just another Libertarian who is nothing special.

  4. G’Day! Maoist Rebel News,
    Cool Post, A question for Alex Jones supporters if the New World Order is real why is the Elite taking so long to create this One World Government ?
    Great Job!

  5. if u havent, take some time and youtube the endgame, martial law 911 by alex jones and reanswer this question. i am not asking u to believe what i believe but just to inform yourself on who is realy running the show. also ron paul, yes sounds easier said than done on tv, but u have to read his actual plans on the internet, corporate media, is not giving the information u need to know, if u watch these documentaries u would know why. youtube alex jones and find alot about how the goverment right now is stripping your constitutional rights slowly but surely.

  6. Folks need to realize the baseline issue isn’t to do (precisely) with political party, with political affiliation, with political ideology…
    It’s to do (precisely) with ‘Secret Societies’ and their malevolent manipulations of all sociological affairs. Illuminati conspiracy ‘theories’ involve Satanism because… they are Satanists; or Luciferians, or whatever term you’d prefer apply to the worship of evil. THIS is the baseline issue, and until this reality is understood, especially by those keen to consider themselves ‘intellectuals,’ nothing – ever – will significantly change for the betterment of the human kind.

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