Oslo Terrorist Attack Kills 92

On Friday in Oslo, Norway a terrorist attack took place that killed 92. It was conducted by an anti-Islamic right-wing extremist. At 3:30 p.m. a bomb exploded in downtown Oslo striking the office of Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg leaving 15 people dead. Two hours later a Labour Party youth camp was attacked by a single gunman dressed as a police officer killing at least 80 children.

In police custody is Anders Behring Breivik, 32, a known right-wing extremist and member of several anti-Islamic Christian fundamentalist groups. His Facebook page and Twitter account describe himself as a Christian fundamentalist.

According to Norwegian media he is a member of several far-right groups in eastern Norway. He is also believed to be in the possession of several firearms, including an automatic weapon. According to an online news organization Expressen, he was a self-described nationalist and had made many anti-Islamic posts.

Appropriately enough, before any arrests had been made, the media and government officials were quick to accuse Islamic fundamentalists of the killings without any evidence. The racism displayed itself immediate in this moment, then turned to denunciations of religious violence blaming Islam. Once it was shown to have been a Christian who perpetrated the attack, the denunciations of religious-based violence ceased.

As with many incidents like this it is being compared to other events, most notably the Oklahoma city bombing by Timothy McVeigh. Like the Oklahoma City event, the Christian terrorist will be portrayed by the media as some “lone wolf” psycho. However nothing could be further from the truth. For years before the Oslo incident the suspect had been writing a manifesto for almost a decade and spent 130,000 Euros of his own money producing it. The 1,500 page document is little more than a claim that “cultural Marxism” and Muslims were destroying Europe.

This incident is the product of not some single psychopath, but of a deeply held Christian belief that other religions are inferior. It stems from overwhelming, hatred, ignorance and racism that that claims Arabs are a disease spreading through Europe. The hypocrisy is astounding. Europe colonized all of the Middle East in Africa in previous centuries all for the purpose of exploiting them for profit and brutalized the population. But if Arabs who want to live in peace move to a European country, its considered an invasion.

The stupidity and mindless hatred of anti-communists was place on stage for the whole world to see once again. The ignorance of anti-communists can no longer be denied, even by anti-communists themselves. The idea that “cultural Marxism” is behind the supposed Islamiziation of Europe is laughable. Despite is ridiculousness, its become a deeply held belief by right wing hatemongers leading to the deaths of about 80 children in Norway.

This was not the result of a lone psychopath, but the result of xenophobia. The systemic simple minded hatred towards Islam caused this event. Islamophobia is a growing problem throughout the world, surpassing even that of anti-Semitism.

European media have pointed out that the blog posts made by the shooter have been connected with several political groups throughout the world. Some of these groups include the American Tea Party movement, the Austrian Freedom Party and the English Defence League. It even connects with the Jewish Defence League.

This incident follows many anti-Islamic incidents in Europe including Angela “Mengele” Merkel declaring that multiculturalism doesn’t work. Personally I am sick to death of this idea that multiculturalism doesn’t work. Here in Canada it works just fine. I went to a racially diverse high school, we didn’t have racially motivated violence. I lived in the second most racially diverse city in the country, and we didn’t have any real problem with racial motivated violence. We don’t have Sharia Law or any people trying to ram it through the government. Our government is still predominantly White Christian. We have people who are brown and wear turbans who run for seats in Parliament and nobody walks around saying “they’re taking over our country”, and no one goes around trying to kill them. Multiculturalism does work, I live in it as proof that it can work. Cuba has a fair multicultural mix and they don’t have ethnic and religious based violence. We are proof that it does work. So to you “Mengele” Merkel and the Tea ‘Tards, you only think it doesn’t work because you won’t let it work. You’re bunch of racists who only try to destroy and use the mere existence of others to blame for what you do. Try some personal responsibility and recognize you’re hate mongers.

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  1. I think the Islamophobes are just jealous of the Muslamic Ray Guns that the Muslims have. :3

    On a serious note, people who whine about “multiculturalism” don’t really know what it is. Just like how people who whine about “Communism” or “Socialism” don’t know what either of those are.

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