Oslo Terrorism = Columbine Shooting?

On CCTV News program “Dialogue” a representative from the Norwegian government was on the program discussing the recent terrorist attack by the right winger Breivik in Oslo. On the program was world affairs commentator Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer and Norwegian Charge D’Affairs Nils Martian Gunneng. Both men attempted to whitewash the incident as having been perpetrated by a “lone gunmen” who was psychotic.

When the host of the program asked both men about the Oslo incident being compared to the Oklahoma city bombing, both guests attempted to distance Breivik form his political and religious beliefs. Blackburn-Dwyer insisted that the right wing terrorist attack was not comparable to the Oklahoma city bombing, instead he said it was comparable to the Columbine shooting that took place in a Littleton, Colorado school in 1999.

The whitewash here is obvious, Blackburn-Dwyer is deliberately trying to change the entire context of the incident altogether. The columbine shooting was caused by two youths who clearly suffered from some kind of emotional abuse by their peers and had mental illnesses as well. They were motivated purely out of revenge on those they perceived as having hurt them. The Columbine shooters even allowed some victims to escape unharmed because they had recognized them as having been good to them. Breivik certainly did no such thing.

Blackburn-Dwyer completely denied the political and religious motivation behind Breivik’s act of terrorism. He did so by claiming that Breivik was mentally unstable and that his Christianity and right wing ideology was simply a justification for his actions. This statement could not be further from the truth. The political and religious beliefs of Breivik had absolutely everything to do his actions. The xenophobia displayed by Breivik is a systemic prejudice that exists all through Europe. Most notably in Britain with the British Nationalist Party and in Russia with its quickly rising White Supremacist groups. The denial of the connection is nothing less than an attempt to protect the self-perpetuated “holier-than-thou” image of Christianity. As well as its attempt to promote itself as superior to Islam. The idea being here that Christianity doesn’t kill anyone, only Islam.

Interesting we see the similarity of Christianity to capitalism. If anyone dies in in a communist country for any reason then communism is at fault. If anyone dies in capitalism for any reason, its always the fault of an individual and never capitalism itself. Replace communism with Islam and capitalism with Christianity and we have the exact same argument being made. With this it should come as no surprise that both communism and Islam are persecuted by the same group of ignorant people.

Nils Martian Gunneng, the Charge D’Affairs attempted to down play the rise in right wing extremism by claiming that such groups had been on the decline in the last 10 years. If this were true, than this would certainly indicate that it was on the rise once again.

Its clear that both individuals as well as the mainstream are intent on covering up the rising right wing Christian violence. The hateful prejudiced ideology of rightism cannot be denied. A society predicated on selfishness and greed and self-interest can only create a sick society whose only goal is destruction of others. It is impossible for the right wing to admit that the achievements, living standards and peace Norwegians live in is the product of left wing ideas and socialist values. It has been the right wing who have left a trail of blood in Norway.