Socialist Venezuela Saving Free Market Somalia

The situation in Somalia is desperate. The free market haven on the Africa coast is now in a humanitarian crisis. The UN has declared that a famine is sweeping the country leading to a quarter of the country being displaced and many of them leaving the country and flocking to Kenya and other nations according to the UNHCR. The country is also suffering from a major drought.

The agency also reports that more than half of all children that make it to Ethiopia are seriously malnourished. In Kenya, 30% to 40% of children arriving are seriously malnourished. According to a press briefing in Geneva there are children dying in less than 24 hours after arriving despite all medical efforts.

“The relentless violence that’s compounded by a terrible drought has forced more than 135,000 Somalis to flee Somalia so far this year. In June alone, 54,000 people fled across the two borders, and that is three times the number [of people who fled] in May. So this is a huge spike.”
– Nicholas Wasunna, senior adviser for World Vision

With the stateless capitalist nation of Somalia unable to provide even food to the people, 21st Century Socialist Venezuela has stepped in with aid for the African nation. The Bolivarian Republic has contributed 50 tons in food aid, nonperishable foods, drinking water, baby food and grains. It has also sent $5 million US dollars to aid international efforts in the region.

On Friday the 29th, United Nations called on the international community to help solve one of the worst food crises in the horn of Africa’s history, a crisis placing 12 million people at risk, 780,000 of them children.

Following the the wake of the aid package, Venezuela is sending technicians and agricultural experts to the country to help restructuring food production efforts once again. The plan is to increase food production at the same time. The decentralization and profit driven food production is a large contributor to the horrible situation the Somalians face.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez appeared on television calling on all parties to support his pledge help the crisis ridden African nation. He said:

“…the least we (Venezuela) can do is help… purchase additional food and help soften the death and hunger produced by savage capitalism.”
– Hugo Chavez

Stateless capitalism is proving a failure day after day, socialist Venezuela is stepping in to save them. The failure of a greed and self-interest profit motive is being rescued by the altruism and sense of community and love for their fellow man of socialism. This is a scar upon the already blighted face of individualists. Appropriately enough the individuals are all suffering as a collective.

There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that this system of exploitation is draining the very lives of the people in Somalia. Despite all their fantastic utopian claims, not one ounce of good has come of this situation. In the lack of a secular social structure, the country has resorted to religious fundamentalism in order to (barely) operate.

This has been a repeated pattern throughout the Middle East. As Marxist organizations were persecuted to death by American imperialism and other right wing extremists, the hole left was filled by radical religious elements. The progressive social networks and organization left behind by many Maoist organizations as they were destroyed, he been seized up by radical Islam. Capitalism and its drive for profit at any cost to human life has planted the seeds of its own destruction.

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  1. I’m all for Venezuela helping out Somalia. I’m not sure how Chavez is doing in terms of health but I’m pretty confident that he can get some humanitarian aid over to Africa.

    One thing they’ll have to watch out for is those Somali pirates at the sea.

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