NATO Crimes Shown as Rebels Enter Tripoli

Now that the so-called rebels have made their way into the Libyan capital of Tripoli, the crimes against humanity made by NATO have begun to be laid bare for the world to see. The crimes of Western imperialism have been exposed to the world. As the fighting continues to take place, more knowledge of them will be impossible to cover up.

The siege of the city, which is thought by many to be end game for Gaddafi, is placing 2 million Libyan civilians at risk for death. Indiscriminate killings by the phoney rebels have already caused countless deaths among innocent people. There have been incidents of tribal rebels lynching black Libyans because of their tribal prejudices. US Predator drones have fired without concern into innocents.

Bombings by NATO and attacks by rebels have left the population of Libya in shambles. This has been a campaign of terrorism against them to try and force them to give up their support for Gaddafi. Even as they were being attacked by imperialism, a million still stood up in support for him.

No longer can NATO deny the entire invasion was intended to assassinate Gaddafi, not liberate the supposedly oppressed Libyan people. Even the British media is now bragging about SAS special forces operating in the country. As if the $2 million bounty on Gaddafi’s head was not proof enough.

The Associated Press has reported that a tent-city that was raised near the Gaddafi compound in support of Gaddafi has been massacred by the so-called rebels. Some were found with their hands bound behind their backs shot. Reporters covering the bloody find referred to it as a killing field. They also found burned bodies inside an ambulance, one still with an IV drip in its arm.

Amnesty International has already produced a report concerning one of the NATO detention camps:

“In an overcrowded cell, where some 125 people were held with barely enough room to sleep or move, a boy told Amnesty International how he had responded to calls by al-Gaddafi’s government for volunteers to fight the opposition.

“He said that he was driven to a military camp in Az-Zawiya, where he was handed a Kalashnikov rifle that he did not know how to use.

“He told Amnesty International: ‘When NATO bombed the camp around 14 August, those who survived fled. I threw my weapon on the ground, and asked for refuge in a home nearby. I told the owners what happened, and I think they called the revolutionaries [thuuwar], because they came shortly after.

“‘They shouted for me to surrender. I put my hands up in the air. They made me kneel on the ground and put my hands behind by head. Then one told me to get up. When I did, he shot me in the knee at close range. I fell on the ground, and they continued beating me with the back of their rifles all over my body and face.

“‘I had to get three stitches behind by left ear as a result. In detention, sometimes they still beat us and insult us, calling us killers.’”

Amnesty International has also document the so-called rebels murdering migrant workers. The NATO backed forces claimed they were “foreign mercenaries”, but interviews with those merely captured revealed this to be a lie. They said they were captured at gun point by NATO backed rebels and forced to a dentition centre where more were killed.

Have no illusions, believe no media lies, this is the true face of the American empire. This is what the war was always intended to do. This murder of Libya was always the goal of NATO. This is nothing more than the destruction of a country and people’s lives for the benefit of a few in the First World. The blood of innocent people will be poured directly into coffers of the wealthy elite. The deaths and tortures of these people are directly the result of capitalism’s insatiable hunger for profits.

US President Barack Obama and every other leader who has supported this war belong in prison for life.

4 thoughts on “NATO Crimes Shown as Rebels Enter Tripoli

  1. Hello comrade,
    It’s nice to see a complete blog with communist analysis. I don’t agree with everything (especially support on Gadafi or Chavez who aren’t in the “people’s camp” in my opinion) it’s always positive to construct the new maoist lef.

    Greetings from France, and scuse me for my poor english

  2. Can you make a video about Stalin and the Soviet Union and what they were actually like? I have an image in my head leftover from school of Stalin being a bloodthirsty tyrant and the Soviet Union being a dismal place to live.

  3. The revolution in Libya is dead. It’s been turned into another opportunist war for US Imperialism.

    Shit. Soon it’s going to happen in Syria and possibly Iran. Fuck I hate Capitalism.

  4. NATO say they was protracting the people of Libya from Gaddafi forces, but where was NATO at when Sudan was attacking Darfur region or south Sudan? The Libyan repels are members of Al queda “the base” and racist against the Libyan native people “blacks”.

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