US Supported Philippine Goverment Crimes

It has now been confirmed by a Wikileaks release of cables that the US government not only acknowledges the crimes of the government of the Philippines, but has sent messages in support of them. The government has long been know to commit systematic extrajudicial killings, abduction, and false arrests, all done with US backed military and police forces.

From 2004-2010 hundreds of activists were killed or abducted. Hundreds more were arrested and faced with trumped-up charges. The magnitude of the abuses caught the attention of the international community. The issue also further isolated the regime of Philippines’ former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

The successive Philippine government has always denied these claims, instead insisted that the claims only came from communist sources. Regardless who who called attention to the crimes, they were always accused of being either Communist or connected to the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Frequently union activists have been murdered by masked men on motorcycles in drive-by style attacks. Many union leaders and their families have been murdered in this manner. Journalists reporting on the corruption in Arroyo regime have been abducted and tortured before their bodies have been found dead.

Often these crimes are blamed on the New People’s Army (NPA), the nation’s Maoist rebel guerrilla army. The government claimed that the NPA burned down a public school in Quezon, however, several days later footage surfaced showing Philippine National Police members setting the fire. All of it a ploy to blame the Maoist rebels for the deaths that resulted. The government then made a statement claiming that they were “investigating”.

This is a small sample of the crimes committed by the Philippine government against its own people. All of it with the support of the US government and military, much of it paid for by the US taxpayer.

US imperialism out of the Philippines!

Tagumpay sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan!
(Victory to the New People’s Army)


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