Nazi Fascism Revived by Harper

In what is possibly the most blatant act of fascism, in an exclusive interview with CBC News, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says “Islamicism” is the biggest security threat to Canada. Speaking with Peter Mansbridge in a full length interview he declared, “the major threat is still Islamicism.” These words are shocking, they frighteningly echo the words of Adolf Hitler decades ago saying the greatest threat to the German people was Jews. Steven Harper is fear mongering and is hateful today as Hitler was 70 years ago.

It has been an intent of the conservative government for some time now to build a culture of fear very much like what existed in the United States after 9/11. Harper maintains that “Islamicism” is the one that “occupies the security apparatus most regularly in terms of actual terrorist threats.” However one needs only to look at national statistics to see that more Canadians are killed by peanut allergies that terrorism.

The idea that Islam is taking over Canada is a ridiculous claim. Its nothing more the fear mongering in the name of fascism. According to government statics, only 2.6% of Canadians are Muslim. Its just more chicken little screaming by a majority of Christians who don’t want other faiths to exist. Commonly cited an attempt in to set up Shiria courts in Canada in 2005. While this is commonly cited as proof of “Islam taking over Canada”, its forgotten that these courts where stopped in near record time. As a result all religious arbitration in Ontario was banned. There was no take over of Shiria law, it stood no chance of being set up.

Supposed Islamic fundamentalist terrorism is as equally a complete fantasy of Christian fundamentalists. Every arrest of so-called terrorism has been thrown out of court due to a lack of any evidence whatsoever. The famed Toronto 18 case where 18 individuals were held as suspected terrorists was thrown out of court with the judge saying that police didn’t even have enough to arrest them. All individuals walked except for one that publicly called for the prime minister to be killed.

The media and police colluded to promote the guilt of these men. The police declared the 18 had links to Al-Quaeda, they stated that they knew they were connected to the fictional organization. The police said they had raided a terrorist training camp in northern Ontario. The police claimed they had confiscated documents and communications. All of it was an absolute lie. The judge declared there was no actual evidence against them, the supposed links to Al-Qadea were a complete fabrication. The so-called terrorist training camp was a cottage on a small property on a lake. The “documents and communications” were copies of the Koran.

Last year a man was arrested when police found a supposed bomb in his car. The “bomb” turned out to be an alternative fuel cell for the vehicle. The police detained the man for a day and publicly stated that he was aggressive and irate. Let me guess, he was pissed off at being called a terrorist for having an alternative fuel cell in his car. Lesson learned here kids, stick to oil or the cops will start making all kinds of accusations against you.

Earlier this year a Muslim a man in Ottawa was arrested for having 50 circuit boards in his house. The man was a computer engineer who many many computer parts in his home. That is like arresting a farmer for having fertilizer. Well, piece of advice to Muslim men, stay out of technology schooling or the PC repair business, the police are going to lock you up claiming you’re trying to build bombs.

This is the kind of fabrication of threats these fascists are creating in order to take away our rights and force us under the jack boot of capitalism. As capitalism continues to crumble and become more and more unstable, the ruling class will have to resort to more and more totalitarian measures in order to keep their decrepit, exploitative system in place.

All of this has been an exercise in fear mongering in order to bring back extremely fascist anti-terrorism laws that were created in 2001 but were defeated by popular resistance in 2007. In the interview by the CBC Harper declared his intention to bring them back. When asked by Mansbridge if he would try to bring those laws back, Harper replied: “That is our plan.”

“We think those measures are necessary. We think they’ve been useful,” he said. “And as you know … they’re applied rarely, but there are times where they’re needed.”

Whipping up anti-Islamic sentiment is nothing more than a pathetic fascist ploy to distract us from are the real threats to us. The real threat is the continuing economic decline of the entire world. Which threatens the entire population with starvation and disease. Unemployment that is making people more and more desperate to survive. Never mind the seemingly escalating possibility of war between the United States and China, which are will no doubt be dragged into. Never mind the destruction of the environment with threatens to end human life completely.

But no, none of that is important at all. The greatest threat to Canada is someone who has a different religion than you.

To every single person who voted conservative: Rot in hell, you deserve it.

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2 thoughts on “Nazi Fascism Revived by Harper

  1. Stephen Harper just needs to jump off a cliff already. Wah-wah Islamism this, wah-wah Islamism that.

    I thought this whole fearmongering against Islam died out during the Arab Spring.

  2. Harper is a Neo-Nazi Reformer, of his Northern Foundation Party, from 1989. The skinheads assisted to organize that evil party.

    The Philippines have islands rich with resources. Seems China wants those resources. The Philippines have asked the U.S. to arm them, so they can protect their resources from China. Russia is also, an ally to China.

    Harper has permitted China, to buy up the tar sands. China also pretty much, owns all of BC. If there is a war between the U.S. and China, who do you think Canada will side with? China can have a, two hundred million military. Russia too, has a huge military.

    Harper was itching to bomb Iran. Russia said, that would be a mistake. China was also against bombing Iran. Strangely, Harper hasn’t uttered another peep, about bombing Iran these days.

    If Harper’s mouth was any bigger, he could get both of his feet in it. What good did the war in Afghanistan do? They are right back into their murdering women, tribal wars, ethnic cleansing, corruption in police and government.

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