Anders Breivik Failed To Gain Support

Anders Breivik, the man in Norway who killed 77 with a bomb and a gun seven weeks ago has had a tremendously negative effect on his own beliefs and goals that he wanted accomplished. The anti-immigrant Progress Party once favoured by him has lost a third of its vote in local elections in Norway.

Breivik has confessed to killing 77 people and injuring 151 on 22 July, in a bomb attack on government offices in Oslo and a shooting spree on the island of Utoeya, where the Labour Party youth wing was holding a summer camp.

Breivik was a right wing extremist who saw the existence of non-whites in the country as the greatest threat. His plan was attack the governing Labour Party’s children as a way of protecting his nation. He’s publicly stated that his hope was that his actions would inspire others to rise up against “cultural Marxism”. His idea of inspiring people was to murder children. As one might expect his actions did not inspire support for the anti-immigrant Progress Party, it inspired hatred for it. Obviously murdering child is not popular among the Norwegian population.

As a result of Breivik’s actions, the Progress Party has lost a third of their votes. Despite their desperate attempt to distance themselves as an anti-immigrant party from an anti-immigrant, the effect is expected to last for a good deal of time.

The whole purpose of his actions was to inspire people to “defend the homeland” from people he believed to be destroying it. His hope was that murdering children would help gain support for his beliefs. He failed, the people of Norway do not support this hateful monster. Breivik has failed to gain support for his beliefs, he has caused nothing but a loss for them.


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