Lung Cancer Vaccine by Cuban Communism (CimaVax-EGF)

After 25 years of researching and development, Cuban scientists have created a vaccine for lung cancer. This was reported on the Huffington Post website, which got the story from China’s Xinhuanet news agency. They had to get the story from there because the United States is blocking Cuban media as part of the embargo.

“The vaccine, or CimaVax-EGF, works through the active drug ingredient, which is based on ‘a protein we all have when cancer is uncontrolled,’ as the publication reported.”

Important to note is that the vaccine is not a preventative medicine, the drug has the ability to attack cancer which already exist in the body of the victim.

“The drug could turn the cancer into a manageable, chronic disease by generating antibodies against the proteins which triggered the uncontrolled cell proliferation. It is not possible to prevent the disease but this vaccine improves significantly the status of the critically ill patients.”
– Gisela Gonzalez, head researcher of CimaVax-EGF

Right now CimaVax-EGF has gone through clinical studies and trials in over 1,000 patients across the island and is currently distributed free of charge in all hospitals of the socialist nation.

The capitalist media propaganda machine has already begun working on undermining this great achievement of medical science and socialism. Xinhuanet has reported that the drug has gone through trials, but the Huffington Post is saying, “The vaccine has allegedly been tested on 1,000 patients in Cuba, but it’s difficult to verify.” In actuality it is not difficult to verify, information is available. This is a very sad attempt to sabotage an important medical breakthrough simply because a socialist nation, which the US has been against for 50 years, accomplished it without markets or a profit motive.

At this moment lung cancer is the most lethal cancer in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 158,683 people died from it in 2007. While Cuba is distributing the medication for free among patients, no doubt US companies will be charging a great deal for it.

Interesting how it only took Cuba 25 years to develop this drug, yet capitalist pharmaceutical companies have been working on it for decades. Many in the conspiracy community believe that a cure or vaccine has not been forthcoming because it is more profitable for people to have cancer and the medications associated with its treatment. Now that this vaccine has been created under socialism away from the capitalist profit motive, it will no doubt fuel these claims.

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  1. Typical American BS. It wouldn’t be hard to verify if they didn’t have that paranoidal embargo.

  2. how could we be able to have this vaccin in other countries:S???? plz if u can reply i will be thankfull

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