Worker Symbols Banned in Hungary

The true fascist face of capitalism has shown itself more and more recently. I am speaking of the banning of worker symbols in Hungary. Now if you display a red star or a hammer and sickle, you are now a criminal and subject to criminal prosecution. Just the mere symbols of worker resistance is now illegal in Hungary.

Fascist symbols are banned in Hungary as well: the swastika the SS and the like. The insult to every worker, the insult to every communist is clear. Communism and worker’s struggles are to be put in the same category as the genocidal racist hate-mongers of fascism. To place the the desire for the unity of all of mankind, in as the same category as the flawed idea racial purity, shows length they will go to. To actually pose these two contrasting ideas as being similar is nothing short of an act of hatred against the working class. This is the criminalization of the working class. You as a worker are basically a criminal.

Communism doesn’t stand for what fascism does. Communism stands for freedom, human rights, peace, equality, dignity. Fascism, the inevitable outcome of capitalism, stands for none of these. It stands for profit making at the expense of all of these. This is why they fear us, this is why they fear the workers.

This obstacle to human rights is being combated by the “Workers Party of Hungary 2006”. They are fighting this law that is against free political opinion. Their party leaders were arrested at party programs, they could not speak to the people, who came to see their meetings, so their right to freedom of speech was blocked. The Maoist Rebel News stands in solidarity with the “Workers Party of Hungary 2006” against the fascism being undertaken by the Hungarian government.

The banning of symbols of worker resistance to exploitation starkly shows the fear the capitalist class has. As the global crisis of capitalism exacerbates, and the second dip in the recession nears, the reality of the acute class antagonisms that make up society are exposed more and more. The lies of unity among classes for “economic survival” or hollow national interests become more and more transparent. The banning of mere symbols exposes the fragility of the ruling classes grasp on us. They fear and criminalize worker’s movements because they know their time is almost up. The world capitalist system’s time on this world is almost up. This is another desperate act by increasingly desperate people.

Hungarian Worker’s Party 2006