Stateless Capitalism is Child Genocide

No matter how much the supporters of so-called stateless capitalism adamantly claim their abstract conception of capitalism will create a perfect world, the reality is the dead opposite. Despite all the claims made by the Mises Institute and the American Enterprise Institute for stateless capitalism, it is a failure. No amount of chest thumping can alter the fact that it is a murderous, unstable, unusable, religiously fundamentalist system. A conception of capitalism that is abstract to a point where it does not and cannot exist.

However the Mises people tout Somalia as a shining example of free market capitalism, “the only real freedom is market freedom”! They themselves count Somalia as an example of it.

The reality is quite different and shocking. Most of the country is running for their lives to get away from unending poverty and massive starvation. People in Somalia run away to Ethiopia to get away from starvation, think about that, Ethiopia.

But this is the most horrific fact of all:

In Mogadishu alone, fifteen children out of every 10,000 die each day as a result of famine and drought.

This what you get when you hail the free market, this is free market fundamentalism.


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  1. Hello. I am a Romanian woman, 22 years old. I have been preoccupied for a long time with socialism and the abolition of capitalism. I think Romania was doing better during communism and Ceausescu. I like your website, very informative.

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