US Drone Crashes in Somalia Killing 5

Somali military officials are reporting that a US unmanned aerial vehicle has crashed near a military base on the outskirts of Dhobley town in Juba province on Monday. According to those same officials 5 government soldiers were killed while 13 were injured in the incident.

Earlier this year 27 civilians, most of whom were children were killed by US drone strikes in the southern town of Kismayo, a supposed stronghold of the Islamic fundamentalist group al-Shabab.

Since its dissolution as a Soviet satellite state, the free market paradise has resorted to religious fanaticism to form some kind of social cohesion.

Over the past few months the US has used these remote-controlled aircraft many times to carry out reconnaissance missions and to conduct targeted killings of Somali citizens, some of which were children. Hundreds of Somalis have been killed by these strikes, some have fled their homes fearing they will be killed.

Despite US claims, they are actively killing in the East African nation. Many children are dying from these drone attacks as well. People being killed by remote controlled drone attacks must be easier on the US psyche than being in combat.