Chinese Toddler Death Sparks Racism

As most of the world is aware by now, a two year old child by the name of Yueyue has died after being run over by a van. The driver was driving slowly when the wheel ran over the child’s torso injuring it. The driver stopped while on the child’s torso, then drove forward running over the child’s torso a second time.

Immediately after the incident, 19 people proceeded to pass by the injured child with as little as only a few bothering to even notice it. Footage of it captured by a security camera has circulated the internet, YouTube and YouKu (the Chinese video-sharing site). One commentator on the Chinese micro-blogging site, Weibo, made the following post:

“This society is seriously ill. Even cats and dogs shouldn’t be treated so heartlessly.”

The Chinese public is outraged over the death of the child. Even a woman who was walking hand-in-hand with her own child ignored the dying toddler as she walked. Chinese authorities have vowed to identify the driver and prosecute him. Currently officials are debating on pressing charges against all the people who ignored the dying child. I for one certainly hope they do.

As to be expected, the cold blooded indifference to the death of this child has drawn huge amounts of criticism, along with a great deal of racism towards the Chinese. Instead of focusing on the individuals who committed this crime, they have focused on Chinese people as a race. In the various videos of the incident, the comments sections are flooded with hateful statements about race as opposed to the degeneration of society, or the deterioration of society’s moral fabric.

To no one’s surprise the US media has come out with denunciations of China, calling it all manner of horrible names. The US elite and its puppets in the media have not wasted a moment in using this horrible incident to push imperialist propaganda against China. All manner of hateful remarks are being used with the express purpose of whipping up anti-China sentiment to retaliate against the rise of the Chinese empire. The decline of America as a financial power has been an increasingly tense issue.

Outrage at China for such a death, blaming all Chinese people generally, is quite hypocritical. When one gets passed all the reactionary racist hate-mongering, one can begin to see the imperialist hypocrisy behind it.

As the US screams and points fingers at the tragic death of this single child, they ignore the hundreds of thousands they have killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those children were killed, not out of indifference, but out of hatred for their race and country of origin. As US commentators decry China calling them callous and cold blooded for the death of this one child, they praise their own military for attacks that have killed hundreds of thousands of children out of hateful jingoism. A jingoism perpetuated for the profits of the ruling elite.

Chinese officials have called for an identification of those responsible for the death of this child and their severe punishment. Something I wholeheartedly support. What I would like to see as well is the prosecution of those who killed hundreds of thousands of children; not out of indifference, but out of a desire to kill.

Those who support the imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ought to look in the mirror before they go off on one of their pro-war racist diatribes.

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