Chinese Perceive Job Market Better Than US

A new Gallup poll shows that more Chinese are more optimistic about finding a job than Americans. A majority of both are still very concerned about the ongoing job market problems and a majority of both are concerned about the economic crisis. Seventy-two percent of Americans say they are negatively viewing the job market as opposed to 56% of Chinese.

This has been a continuing trend since 2009. In 2008 the US was only one percentage point lower when it came to asking if it was a good time to to find a job.

This optimism has much to do with the economic policies taken by China as opposed to those taken by the US. The Chinese citizens view their central bank and economic planning in a much better light as they have confidence that the government will gear policy towards preserving the economic situation, not corporate profits. That is not to say that they do not do what is in the interests of corporations, but they will not make policy against the economy in the favour of the corporations.

If the last ten years have shown us anything it is that the US government was in complete servitude of the bankers. The primary cause of the 2008 Global Economic Collapse was the deregulation of the financial industry, allowing those in it to take whatever actions they wanted regardless of its impact on the economy.

By contrast the Social Security Administration recently released statistics showing that the median income for US workers this year has been reduced to $26,364. This is just barely above the poverty line of $22,025 for a family of four. A great deal of those people who are in this situation are working more than one job in order to maintain this position.


One thought on “Chinese Perceive Job Market Better Than US

  1. Precisely what I’ve expected from China. Despite being Capitalist, China has pretty much kicked the US in the balls.

    Also, this is what I’ve been saying to those right-wingers who insist that the OWS protesters are just “lazy hippies” and want to live in denial and assume that the US economy is “A-Okay.”

    I mean really, while OWS isn’t being radical enough overall, we can all agree that the protests wouldn’t be happening if the US would just stop being (Free-Market) Capitalist and stop engaging in Imperialist wars for profit and blindly supporting Israel.

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