OPP To Investigate John Wayne Gacy

In an interesting development, Ontario Provincial police have decided to launch an investigation into deaths possibly caused by notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy. The OPP has said they will be pouring over unsolved murders and missing persons cases from the 1970s. Gacy was known to have been in Canada during his killing spree of six years in which 33 murders have been attributed to.

Last month the Cook County Sheriff’s office reopened Gacy murder files in an attempt to identify eight bodies which were recently found in a crawl space in his Chicago suburban home. When reopening the files investigators found evidence that Gacy had entered Canada and found airline tickets that has prompted investigations into missing persons in 14 other states. According to reports at least one family has contacted the Cook County Sheriff’s office.

The OPP has not been contacted by the Sheriff’s office with information, the OPP has taken the initiative with the new revelation of his Canadian visit. Inspector Dave Ross spoke publicly saying that both the unsolved homicide team and the missing person’s unit “will both be reviewing outstanding cases and during the interim while we await contact with the U.S. authorities.”

Sheriff Tom Dart who heads the new U.S. Gacy investigation spoke to NBC news saying that it was unlikely that he didn’t kill outside his home town.

“How, conceivably, can you think of a guy who does these horrific acts but yet he turns it off when he’s leaves town?… Actually you would think the opposite. He’s leaving town; he’s even more free because people don’t know who he is. He can move around even better.”