South Korean Arrested For Pro-North Website

Think there is freedom in South Korea and not in North Korea? Then take a look at this development coming out of the South. South Korea is reporting that they have arrested a former army officer of theirs that was operating a pro-North Korea website. That’s right, someone has been arrested for making a website that says North Korea isn’t a bad place to live. All this man did was have an opinion that didn’t hate something the government opposed and he’s been locked up and persecuted.

The operator of the website’s name has not been released. He has been accused “of uploading video clips and comments praising North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Il”. Which probably means he was just speaking well of him and not calling him a virgin blood drinking psychotic tyrant, along with all the other ridiculous claims made about him. He was also accused of portraying the 28,500 US troops occupying South Korea as “satanic devils” that are doing harm to the country, not protecting it.

One can easily see things this way. There have been many previous incidents where American soldiers have raped and murdered South Korean women and committed other crimes as well. Last month a US soldier who has yet to be identified broken into the victim’s room in a low-budget motel and proceeded to rape her. He was also drunk and used scissors, a knife, a ballpoint pen and a cigarette lighter on her.

This has all come about as a result of a renewed crack down in South Korea against people who are tolerant with the North, and do not see them as an enemy to be destroyed. The government actively seeks out to destroy people who want reunification of the peninsula despite the objection of the US military occupying the country. The National Police Agency said that pro-North Korean websites have reached a “risky level”.

Intensity over pro-North sites has become much worse in the last few years with the election of President Lee Myung-Bak who is proud of his tough stance against North Korea.

Freedom of speech in South Korea is very much an illusion. A draconian National Security Law prohibits praising the North or its leader, with those found guilty of doing so facing prison time.