South Korea Insults Yeonpyeong Dead

It has been one year since the Yeonpyeong Island incident. One year ago South Korea attacked in a military exercise, an island near the boarder with North Korea. Fearing an attack the North fired artillery at the military force in response. South Korea returned fire without delay. When the smoke cleared 2 Southerners had died and 5 Northerners had died. South Korea declared that it had been attacked by the North. The North declared it had been attacked by the South. The result was the death of 2 South Koreans and 5 North Koreans.

A few days ago South Korea held a ceremony on the island to remember and honour the two people that had died. It was a big production with a custom stage, long-winded speeches and angry denunciations of the North. During all the pomp and chest thumping it was forgotten that 5 people died on the other side. In fact the 5 people who died are almost unheard of in the South. The media just really doesn’t both to cover it.

They also don’t bother to mention the fact that when the South announced the exercises, the North publicly said that the actions are taking place too close to the boarder. And if they go through with the exercise they would retaliate as though they were being attacked. Completely ignoring this warning and deliberately provoking a violent incident, people died. The South Korean government is absolutely responsible for these deaths. The South Korean government owes an apology to the families of those who died. These people died so that the South could slander the North.

An insult to those who died.