Mass Murder Breivik Declared Insane

The man who proudly admits to being the killer of 77 people, many children, in Oslo Norway has been ruled insane and unfit to stand trial. On July 22 Anders Behring Breivik launched a terrorist attack on the Norwegian government. He master minded a bomb in a government district that killed 8 people and a shooting at a Labour Party youth camp at Utoya island that killed 69 people, most of them children. All of this he said was for the express purpose of killing those he saw as degenerating Norway by allowing Muslims to invade “their” land.

A report was written on his psychological state by two psychiatrists who spent a total of 36 hours with him to determine whether or not he was psychologically fit for trial. The two psychiatrists – Torgeir Husby and Synne Soerheim met Breivik a total of 13 times. The psychiatrists through their investigation have concluded that Breivik is living in a “delusional universe”. They declared him to be, and diagnosed him to be a paranoid schizophrenic.

From his own public statements and mental health interviews he declared himself the leader of a “resistance movement” that planned on overthrowing European governments and replacing them with “patriotic” regimes. The purpose of these regimes would be to deport all Muslims from all European countries. Investigators have said that they have found absolutely no evidence of any such movement. In Norway an insanity defence must show the defendant committing the crime has lost contact with reality to a point that he’s no longer in control of his actions. This is probably the key to the mental health ruling, the fabrication and delusion of his group.

This ruling by the two psychiatrists contrasts sharply with the results of a review panel that said they think it unlikely that he would be found insane due to the complexity required for such an act.

Brevik was told about the psychiatric evaluation, police prosecutor Christian Hatlo said, “He said he was insulted by the conclusion”.